4 months

I realized I never did a 4 month post for Baby F! I have been bad about keeping this blog updated with baby F’s antics and I realize I will regret it if I don’t do it. I go back all the time to see where Monkey was at F’s age and am glad that I kept track of it all. So, onto where baby F is these days. Before I continue, I’ve decided that Baby F’s blog name will be the Marshmallow (MM for short). He is a rolly polly guy with a super sweet center πŸ™‚

MM turned 4 months old on August 29. At his 4 month appointment, he weighed 17 lbs and measured 25.5″. He wears 6-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. MM is consistently rolling from front to back at this point, but not yet back to front too often. He smiles and laughs and babbles all the time. He is teething like crazy and enjoys grasping toys and teethers and chewing on them. We have yet to start a bedtime or naptime routine with him, but are going to start when my parents leave next Tuesday. Granny and Papa will be here from Thurs – Tues. and I figure we won’t change things up until after they go. Currently, MM takes 3-4 naps (he is awake around 2 hours between naps). At night, he sleeps from ~8PM – ~7AM. His naps don’t last very long (~30 minutes) but his night sleep is very good, so we’re happy. He is nursing more in the night lately – I think it’s from teething. MM also seems to still have a lot of gas pain. He sometimes cries out like he’s in pain and then lets a lot of gas out. I thought that should subside around the 3 month mark, so we’re keeping an eye on it.

The Marshmallow is still exclusively breastfed and we plan to introduce solids when he hits 6 months. Unlike his brother, he is already showing an interest in food, reaching for our plates, forks, etc. He HATES to be bathed, which is another difference from Monkey. I’ve tried the baby bath, the big tub with me, the sink. He hates them all equally. Unfortunately for him, he must be bathed on occasion so… He also still has cradle cap, which I’ve been treating with some success with coconut oil.

For the most part, Monkey and MM get along very well. Lately, though, whenever MM cries, Monkey gets super annoyed and rushes over to hit, pinch, or in some other way hurt him. He also laughs loudly. Needless to say, this is super annoying, frustrating and kind of scary. We have to run to beat Monkey to the baby so he doesn’t get “scraggled” (this is what Monkey calls it when he’s mean to baby). We have been working on it with him, but nothing is really helping. Hopefully he’ll grow out of it soon.

I will attempt to do a separate picture post if work ever calms down! The MM is a total looker πŸ™‚



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2 responses to “4 months

  1. Great update! Marshmallow is such a cutie pie and it’s nice to hear that he’s doing well. Sorry that Monkey seems to be having a hard time tolerating the crying. Can you try to get him to help soothe MM? Sing him a song or something rather than scraggle him?

  2. Can’t wait to see more pics. He sounds very different from Monkey in some ways. Isobel had really bad cradle cap and in fact still has some – it came back and it’s hard to remove when they are bigger with long hair!

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