random happs

Having two kids really takes up all of your time. I have fallen woefully behind on blogging, and I’m sorry. I had hoped to do a post on August 16 to commemorate the one year anniversary of the FET that resulted in my gorgeous baby F. Perhaps one on Monday as I returned to work after my maternity leave. Instead, here I am on an inauspicious date wondering what the hell to blog about. Oh, wait! My baby is in the next room with his first ever babysitter! That counts, right? DW works at Monkey’s preschool on Thursday mornings so we have hired a highly recommended sitter for F. So far, so good. I can hear her playing with him and talking to him and him cooing back. Babies are so much fun, especially when you just have to sit for a few hours and then give them back to Mom πŸ™‚

So how have things been going here? Decent, with some ickiness thrown in. Monkey is back to his old ways of getting up super early every day (anywhere between 4AM-5:30AM). Ugh ugh ugh. It seems like it coincided with potty training, interestingly enough. He stopped napping about a month ago (even though he still needs it) so he is drop-dead tired by around 6. We start bedtime at 6:30 and he’s out by 7. Then up for the day ~5AM. We are kind of at the end of our rope with this situation (again). The baby would sleep until probably 7-8AM. I say probably because we don’t really know. I get him up when I hear DW and Monkey are up and put baby in his swing, where he sleeps until around 7-8. DW and I take turns sleeping. This results in far too much screen time for Monkey, too, which I hate. But we have like 4 hours to kill before school (and we are too tired to do much with him at that time of day), so TV/iPad time is too generous. I can’t believe we are still having these sleep issues 3+ years later. When will it end????

Baby F is also having a bit of night trouble lately, but I think it’s because I started working again on Monday. I work from home, so he sees me frequently and nurses throughout the day, but he was used to being with me so much and now he’s mostly with DW. He is having a little trouble napping (goes to sleep easily but wakes too soon) and he wakes with what seems like gas pains frequently overnight when used to pretty much sleep through. He also spits up a lot. He has his 4 month appt. next Wednesday, so I’ll be sure to mention all of this to his doctor and see if there’s any issue. Other than that, he is still a sweet, unfussy little dude. Even the overnight wakings are quickly resolved with a cuddle and shushing – he goes right back down. He is smiling up a storm and just started giggling a few days ago. He is grasping toys and showing an interest in books.

Upcoming stuff: We are going to San Diego for Labor Day weekend. Sun and surf! Then my parents are coming for a visit in mid-September, so DW and I will probably do a date night while they are here. Woot woot! We are also going to visit them in early December. That will be baby F’s first time on a plane (he’ll be 7 months) and our first time flying with 2! Also the first time with a lap child. Monkey flew for the first time at 18 months and we went ahead and got a seat for him. Doesn’t seem necessary with a 7 month old, right? It’ll save us ~$400, so we’ll rough it.

So that’s what’s happening in our world. I leave you with a recent pic of my boys doing a bit of tummy time πŸ™‚




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3 responses to “random happs

  1. They’re so frickin’ cute.
    Also, there is really nothing better than baby giggles, is there?
    Sorry to hear about the (lack of) sleep. I have no suggestions. Only sympathy.

  2. chunkandmommy

    Oh sleep woes… chunk is an early riser as well so we have pushed his bedtime back. It has helped him to wake up around 6:30-7 vs. 5-5;30, which is a BIG difference. He also still takes a nap throughout the week at school, which helps adjust to a later bedtime. Lastly, in the grand scheme of life, a little extra screen time won’t harm them, right? (I constantly tell myself this because chunk is addicted to technology like his mommy).

  3. pomegranate

    I got cocky that Bunny was finally sleeping in his own bed at two. He has since crawled back into ours. It never ends.

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