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Today baby F is one week old! He is doing great – started latching on and nursing like a champ at 3 days old. He is a pretty mellow guy so far, and his big brother is seriously in love with him. He kisses him and sniffs him and rubs his arms and legs all the time and is doing really well with being gentle for the most part. Monkey is a great big brother!

I figured I should get my birth story down before I forget anything now that I have a minute to breathe, so here goes.

We arrived at the hospital on Monday, April 29th at 5:30 AM (groan). They took us up and had me change into a gown and got me hooked up to a monitor and the IV placed. The first woman who tried to do the IV did a horrible, painful job (shudder) and it had to be redone. Thankfully the second woman got it in without incident. I had a couple of dizzy spells and felt like I was going to pass out, which wasn’t too pleasant. Finally I was wheeled into the OR.

Once there, I got the spinal (not a big deal) and started getting numb. Once again, I thought I was going to pass out, but the anesthesiologist told me it was normal and he would give me something to bring my blood pressure up. DW came into the room and told me she got a nice text from Monkey’s teacher, which made me cry (hormones).

After a while, they told me they were going to start pushing the baby out. My doctor exclaimed, “He has a bunch of hair!” Then I heard cries and watched as they whisked him over to examine him. DW cut the cord and they rubbed him down for quite a while. I heard them saying he was having trouble breathing and that he probably had fluid in his lungs as this is common for c-section babies. Then they said he needed to go to the NICU for them to take a look. They said he’d be there for a couple of hours most likely. DW went with them to the NICU while the doctor finished putting me back together.

When I got to recovery, I had them send in my mom and MiL. That part is kind of a blur as I was so doped up, but I was concerned that I hadn’t heard anything yet about how baby was doing. MiL went to the NICU to meet the baby, my mom left to pick up Monkey from school, and I got wheeled to my room. I was lying there with no visitors, no baby, and all doped up on pain meds. It was really lonely and I was so worried about the baby. After several hours, I got to go the NICU (in my hospital bed) to finally see my baby and DW.

Baby F was hooked up to monitors, had an IV in his hand, a tube down his throat, and oxygen tubes in his nose. It was so sad. I asked DW how he was doing and when he would be released. She said he was doing well but they were keeping him overnight. My heart dropped. I couldn’t hold him or nurse him. All I could do was put my hand into the isolette and rub him and talk to him. It felt awful to go back to my room without my baby.

I told DW to just go home and sleep that night since there was no baby to care for. The NICU nurse told me that I should pump for him and they’d give him bottles. I said that was fine but I’d really prefer to get him on the breast. I was so worried nursing would be a problem and I so didn’t want to give that up. She said I was welcome to come for any feeding (in a wheelchair), so that’s what I did (after strong-arming my nurse, who was like, “We’ll see” when I told her I wanted to do that for the overnight feedings – I was like, “Oh hell no. We’re going!”). I ended up going down several times overnight and baby would latch on, but he wouldn’t eat. I wasn’t overly concerned because BFing is a challenge to get going with any infant, let alone one that had the day poor baby F had.

The next day, DW came back and we went to the NICU to check in. They said all of the items they were monitoring for were normal, but they wanted him to nurse properly (or have us supplement with formula) before they’d release him. It ended up being an excruciating 5-6 hours of us trying to get him to eat and being totally pissed off that they wouldn’t let me work on it in my room. I was sure it would happen if they’d just get him off the wires and let me keep him at the breast. I have never felt so helpless.

My doctor came to see me that afternoon and was just as livid as I was that he still wasn’t released. She called up to let them know this but they quickly said he was being prepped to be released right then. He was finally in my room around 3PM that day. Within a few hours he was latching on and eating. I can’t explain just how effed up the communication (or lack thereof) was between the maternity unit and the NICU. It was so frustrating and I told several people who came and asked how my experience was that it was a big problem. I feel so awful for people with preemies who are in the NICU for long periods of time. My experience was terrible and my healthy 9 pounder was just there overnight.

The final days in the hospital were pretty non-eventful, thankfully, and we were released on Thursday morning. Aside from the sleepless nights, everything has been going smoothly. I finally brought baby to bed with me last night and he slept soundly and nursed like a champ all night, so I’m feeling pretty good today.

I leave you with one of my fave recent baby pics of my beautiful baby boy. He has Monkey’s nose and his dimples, too! This may be the last pic I don’t password-protect, so let me know if you need my password.

baby f


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14 responses to “birth story

  1. He is very cute. 🙂

  2. I’m so sorry your first day was so crappy. You would think everyone would communicate better than that. Sounds like you guys are all doing well now. Awesome news. Congrats again. He is beautiful! Love all that hair.

  3. Oh he is so gorgeous. Sorry your NICU expereince was awful. I’m glad he is all fine and could leave relatively quickly. Please send me the pw too please. I’m pepibebeblogger at gmail dot com

  4. He is simply gorgeous! The NICU experience is so very hard and I am happy that you reported the issues to staff. Hopefully they will listen and change protocol. Good luck in these newborn days and happy to hear that Monkey is living up to his awesome big brother potential 🙂

  5. He’s beautiful! Sorry about the troubles in the beginning, but seems like everything is great now!

  6. sj

    I’m so sorry about your experience with the NICU, that couldn’t have been easy. Baby F is beyond adorable, and I’m glad he is eating so well. I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed for you that he ends up being a good sleeper.

  7. He’s so precious! Sorry to hear about the rough NICU start, but glad you all are home and things are going well. Hope you are recovering nicely.

  8. So adorable! Congratulations!!!

    I’d love the password. I can invite you to my blog if you don’t already read it (it’s private.) My email is

  9. So sorry you had such an awful time! I would love the password, I don’t think I have it!

  10. Oh wow! I feel for you with al the NICU snafus and stuff. It’s like those staff in the maternity wards and NICU are doing their best to make it difficult for you with all their ridiculous rules and regulations that are about liability and nothing to do with what’s good for you and baby. I remember the nurses being so bossy and “jobs worth” when I was in the sick mom unit with pre eclampsia. They practically kidnapped Isobel in the nursery for about 6 hrs and kept fobbing us off and not bringing her to me. So maddening. Anyway glad that’s all behind you now!!!
    Good for you for advocating for you and baby to breast feed. You’re a great mama bear! How did monkey do without you overnight?
    F is so gorgeous and I’m glad he is better now. Yeah really, a nine pound chunker in the NICU:)
    Hope you are able to get help and some sleep when you can catch a moment!
    Congrats, mamas, Monkey and F. What’s F’s blog name going to be?!

  11. He is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Congratulations to you all.

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