31w3d: ob visit

My OB visit today was pretty uneventful, but she did say she thought this guy would come prior to my c-section date (4/29). She said she was putting her money on 38w2d. Interestingly, I didn’t gain any weight since my last visit a month ago. I assured her I was eating the same as always. I have no idea why I wouldn’t have gained, but I know I feel gigantic.

Now that we are feeling like this guy might come early, the pressure is on to figure out a game plan if that should happen. We really only have MiL and she can’t lift more than 10 lbs. My parents are coming out, but they are planning to arrive on 4/26 (in preparation for the 4/29 date). I suppose they could move their flight up, but it would still be a day or two before they’d be here. I guess MiL will be it, but it makes me a little nervous. We have friends who are closer but they all have kids, so not sure how up for a possible middle-of-the-night phone call they would be, you know? Guess we’ll just cross our fingers that the newbie holds out for that 4/29 date!

We still have quite a bit to do before baby arrives. Still in the middle of turning the office into the boys’ room and moving a lot of stuff to the storage space. Need to buy a new dresser, I’d like to paint the room, move the desk/computers into master, possibly buy a full-size bed for that room. Eek! I guess none of it is super crucial, but you know how hard it’ll be to do any of it post-baby. We did buy a king-sized bed – it will arrive mid-March (note to self: still need to buy duvet, cover, sheets – argh!). And we have all the stuff we need for the newbie, so worst case scenario we’re just a bit behind on the room project. Not a big deal, right? RIGHT?

Oh, I know something I was going to ask you, my bloggy friends. Those of you who had spring/summer babies, was your coming home outfit a shortie one or long-sleeves/pants? For some reason, this is really stumping me! I bought an adorable shortie one piece that I’m thinking of using for hospital pics/coming home, but will baby be comfy or want to be a bit more bundled even though the weather will be warmer?


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7 responses to “31w3d: ob visit

  1. I am right there with you in feeling unprepared!!! I also think your little one and our little one are going to come BEFORE the scheduled c-sections!

    We bought a summer dress to bring baby girl home in and thinking the same way you are, we opted to add a sweater to the ensemble for “just in case” weather. My theory is, if needed, a blanket can always go over them until we make it home 🙂

  2. Oh my! He’s going to be here so soon!

    We brought kith short and long stuff with us to the hospital but opted for long when we left. It was actually less the outside air temp (75) and more the a/c that we were worried about. They seemed to prefer long-sleeve/pants for the first few weeks, but they were also on the small side!

    I say just bring both 🙂

  3. Peyton was born in March. We took her home in a long sleeve onesie and pants. I would suggest taking both though, we did, and then you can gauge how you feel when it’s time to take the little guy home.

  4. Not long now!
    Don’t worry about not having stuff “ready”… surely the baby will not even notice. 🙂

  5. You don’t mean 28 weeks 2 days. Do you? Maybe 38 weeks 2 days?
    Good luck with the plans and the moving stuff around. Our place was not ready when Isobel came two weeks early and it was a real PIA. Not awful, but annoying. So good luck with the final parts!
    I guess you’re not moving any time soon, then? I hope the boys room turns out cute! And yay for a kind size bed. I wouldn’t have anything else. Although it makes you really spoiled and when you go to hotels that’s all you want!!!

    • Oops! Yes, 38w2d. Mama tired 🙂 No we are staying put for a while. It was going to be too close to call in terms of being able to afford a house payment, so we decided to hold off. Got a storage space instead! Hahahaha!

  6. I would do long sleeves. bunny was born in June and, although it had been hot while we we’re waiting, the day we came home was breezy enough for long sleeves.

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