an unimaginable loss

Our LGBT TTC/parenting blog community is a pretty tight-knit one, so it was with surprise that I only found the Mamas at rg on the announcement of their sweet Caemon’s leukemia diagnosis back in August. My heart stopped at the news – their Caemon was born 3 months before my Monkey. It just hit so close to home. So I followed their story and wished and hoped and cried along with everyone else for a miracle for their beautiful boy. Alas, Caemon’s journey came to a devastating end yesterday.

This is one of those times where words just fail. That said, reading Caemon’s moms’ words during their battle was simply inspiring (c is for crocodile). The lens through which they viewed Caemon’s illness and his fighting spirit was just so quietly, strongly beautiful – so full of hope, determination, and grace. I always read the words through tears but also often saw things in new and wondrous ways through their eyes, as well as through Caemon’s. I hope that other families in this horrible situation find their way to those words and can take some strength from them.

I have no doubt that Caemon knew how very much he was loved and supported and fought for by his incredible moms. His army of supporters is still here, standing with T and J as they find their way through a path that no parent should ever have to travel.




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2 responses to “an unimaginable loss

  1. SO very sorry to read about this. 😦 My heart goes out to Caemon’s family and their friends.

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