the perfect christmas present

Some of you are my Facebook friends and saw that I received a gift from my DW yesterday that brought on the waterworks and want to know what it is. So I’m telling you, my bloggy friends!

First a bit of backstory… We are big comic  book fans and about 10 years ago, DW got the idea to get commissions of ourselves from some of our favorite comic artists. One of those artists is Josh Howard, artist/writer of the great comic Dead @ 17. We absolutely loved the commission we got from him – it was our favorite of the bunch:


After we had Monkey, I kept telling DW I really wanted to get another commission of our family from Josh. I’ve mentioned it frequently over the last few years, but DW told me that it would be much more expensive and that she wasn’t even sure if Josh did commissions anymore.

A few months ago DW started talking about having the perfect Christmas gift for me that I was going to really love. I had NO clue it was this:



That’s right – a family portrait by Josh Howard! I opened it and turned it around and just started bawling. Like uncontrollable, crazy, full on crying. I had to leave the room to collect myself – it was that insane! I blame hormones for the full freak out, but I’m sure I’d have at the very least teared up even not pregnant. I love it so much! DW also had New Year’s cards made to send out with this image on them, so that’s why I haven’t shared it on Facebook yet (want it to be fresh for those receiving them via snail mail).

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday!



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12 responses to “the perfect christmas present

  1. Wow!!! How awesome!
    I am a complete dunce when it comes to comic books or illustrators but even so I think both pictures capture you perfectly in different stages of your lives!
    No doubt about it, your wife knows you very well, you three are awful cute and you fit so well into that mould / genre? And he is an amazing artist! Look at Monkey!!!!
    You totally should be in a comic book series!!

  2. Oh wow!! That is SO cool!! Yer wife did good!
    Monkey is soooo cute!

  3. How awesome!!! I love it!!

  4. AMAZING!!!! DW for the win! He nailed Monkey perfectly…serious talent there and perfect gift!

  5. Next in line

    I am blown away. Wow.

  6. chunkandmommy

    That is an amazing gift! I was curious on fb, so I am so glad you posted here! LOL

  7. How wonderful! I think that’s an awesome present!!

  8. I LOVE IT!!! I want a new years card! LOL 🙂 We are sending out new years cards too… we can trade!

  9. that is SO COOL! What an awesome and surprising gift!

  10. I’m a huge fan of graphic novels and love those illustrations! What a great and thoughtful gift. Maybe I should start working on my wife for a gift like that… 🙂

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