happy birthday, monkey!

Today my baby boy is 3 years old. I say it every year, but it’s hard to believe that tiny little guy we brought home from the hospital is now this big, talking, running, stubborn, cuddly big boy. Unfortunately, he is sick on his b-day this year. He’s been sick for a little over a week but last night he seemed to get much worse so he’s heading in to see the doctor at 4:30. Poor thing. We are still going to have his Grandma over to open gifts, order pizza (Monkey’s fave!), and eat cake and ice cream. We were going to hold off until he’s feeling better, but he’s had such a miserable week I thought it might cheer him up to get some new stuff to play with and of course eat cake!

Happy happy birthday, my sweet baby S! I love you more than words can say ❤bbmonkey


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10 responses to “happy birthday, monkey!

  1. So sorry he’s sick… But Happy Birthday, S!!

  2. Happy Birthday Monkey! Hope you enjoy your special day!

  3. Aww Happy Birthday. They grow so fast. 🙂

  4. Awwww, he was so precious!!!! Happy Birthday Monkey!!!! Feel better soon!

  5. Happy birthday Monkey! And happy three years of parenthood, mama!!

  6. Happy Birthday Monkey! What an adorable baby picture!

  7. Happy Birthday, Monkey! Such a wonderful joy in your lives ( and ours!) he is such a charmer:) xo

  8. Happy birthday sorta late! I can’t believe our kid is 9 months old, let alone 3 years old! Jeez, I can’t even imagine getting to that point!

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