I finally indulged in a major pregnancy craving last night: chili cheese fries! DELICIOUS! Want to know when I last had them? You guessed it, during my pregnancy with Monkey 🙂 I was feeling so nauseous and gross all day yesterday and was just ravenous at dinner time so I went for it. No regrets!

Other cravings this pregnancy (that I have yet to indulge) include:

  • In-n-Out burger, fries, and shake: I don’t eat red meat (or pork)! However, I broke that during my last pregnancy. I figure if my body craves it that much, I must need it.

  • Chick-fil-a sandwich and waffle fries: Can’t eat that for obvious reasons, but now that they are in California it is torturous not to get to eat it! Damn bigots keeping me from my delicious chicken!
  • Lobster roll from the Lobsta Truck: They haven’t been in my area of late and I NEED two of ’em, with butter!
  • Boiled peanuts: Can’t get them in SoCal. Maybe I’ll make my parents send me a shipment once I announce the pregnancy…


I have continued my trend of eating a lot of green apples as I did during my last pregnancy. The sour taste really helps curb the morning sickness.

I’ve had some strange aversions this time around. I simply can’t eat grilled cheese sandwiches or quesadillas. These are staples in our house, so it’s created a bit of a dilemma. Weird since last time around in the first trimester, I ate so much plain cheese pizza because it was all that I could manage.

And now I’m hungry!



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3 responses to “cravings

  1. I’m impressed that you can eat all that! My memory of early pregnancy is wanting NOTHING, except maybe popsicles.

  2. Those are very specific and quite scary for a vegetarian like me!! Although I have to say, I do eat fish and I used to fill up on burger king big fish sandwiches, fries and sprite when I was pregnant! The apples sound nice and fresh!

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