I can’t tell you how much stress there is in my household right now. We are in the midst of the following:

  • Buying a house (still waiting to hear on THE ONE)
  • Figuring out how to be landlords/rent out our condo, making small repairs that are needed before it can be rented
  • Potty training (NOT going well AT ALL – we have one stubborn, angry dude on our hands)
  • Pregnancy (“morning” sickness, “Are we having twins?” stress, insomnia)
  • Sick grandparent (MiL called today saying Grandpa is going to the ER with breathing difficulties. He’s 94.)

It is officially TOO much. The bad part is we really need to be doing all of this right now. Believe me, I’d hold off on buying a house/renting the condo if i possibly could, but the prices are trending higher and who knows how long the low interest rates will hold out. I’d love to stop with the potty training, but that would be two failed attempts and I’ve heard the more of those you have, the more difficult you will make it for yourself and your child the next time. Obviously there’s nothing that can be done about the pregnancy or sick Grandpa. Out of our control, those two.


Ultrasound on Wednesday.



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9 responses to “stress

  1. sj

    I’m sorry about all the stress. Calm thoughts headed your way.

  2. sending calm, deep breaths your way. hang in there mama.
    (excited for your ultrasound weds!!) 🙂

  3. ugh. that sounds like too much. i hope things get easier with all of it – i imagine wednesday will bring it’s own set of excitement/anticipation. can’t wait to hear!

  4. I hope things lighten up for you all soon! That is a lot going on at once 😦
    Sending positive vibes your way!!!!

  5. RDR

    Oh no! Keeping you three in my thoughts, hoping stress goes far away.

  6. I’m hopeful you get some good news very soon and that it takes one (or several) sources of stress off your list!

  7. It often seems to happen like this, doesn’t it? Hope things become less stressful soon. Sending calm and soothing thoughts your way…

  8. Sarah C

    Not sure whether potty training is still an issue or not, but one AMAZING resource is the e-book “oh crap. potty training” by Jamie Glowacki.

    • Yep, we tried it. No go with our stubborn guy. We have tried everything. Now we are just going with the flow. He turns 3 next month and we’re thinking during the holiday break we may start again (sigh). Thanks for the rec, though!

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