6 weeks, 2 days

Yep, feeling pretty pregnant these days what with the nausea, major appetite (combined with “ew, I can’t eat another bite of this nasty thing that I wanted so badly a minute ago”), peeing like crazy, insomnia, major crankiness, fatigue, and tears at the drop of a hat. Good times! No, it’s really not that bad. I have all of these symptoms, but they are at the low end of the ick spectrum for the moment. Who knows if that will be the case 2-3 weeks from now…

I went ahead and rescheduled the ultrasound for 9/19. There were many factors at play for the 17th not working, so I’ll just hang in there for an extra 2 days. Not the end of the world.

In Monkey news, we are going to get him scheduled for a speech therapy assessment. He just seems behind the kids at preschool in that area. It can’t hurt and if he is struggling, I want to make sure we do what we can to assist. Most likely it’ll be 2-3 months before he’ll be seen (I love LA!).

We’re also going to try another potty training method starting this Friday. It’s called “Oh crap. Potty training.” Hahaha! Wish us luck! Monkey has been talking more and more about the potty and he LOVES the latest book we have on the topic (My Big Boy Undies), so we’re hopeful. It is adorable to read the undies book with him. There is a page that shows lots of pairs of undies and he goes through each one, “Cars undies. Dinosaurs undies. Red undies.” CUTE!


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2 responses to “6 weeks, 2 days

  1. Pregnancy symptoms are sounding great…and of course I say that in a YAY you ARE pregnant way 🙂

    Little Monster has been doing speech therapy for 6 months now and it has worked wonders! Meaning that he now effectively argues with us, haha. Good luck with Monkey and the eval!

  2. Glad the pregnancy is moving right along. Good luck with potty training again…I’ll be curious to see if there’s any one method that truly works (if only!)

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