So we discovered today that Monkey’s school is not in session on Monday 9/17. Yes, that is the day that I rescheduled my Friday 9/14 ultrasound for. Oh, and DW works at Monkey’s school on Tuesdays so 9/18 is out. I’m looking at having to wait ANOTHER 2 DAYS! AAARRRGGHGHGHGH!!! Otherwise my options are to go alone, which I just don’t want to do in case there is bad news (also it’s not nice for DW to miss seeing our baby’s heartbeat for the first time). Or we could bring Monkey but that sounds like trouble – I love him but I’m not sure I want to share the lady parts ultrasound with him, thanks. So frustrating 😦  Guess I’ll call and reschedule yet again.



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3 responses to “ultrasound

  1. I brought L to my ultrasounds (including trans-vag). Bring some books or an iPad – he’ll be fine 🙂

  2. We hauled both kids in for those early sonos as well… Ryan sat in a stroller with some snacks or something and Heather held Zach. It was never an issue 🙂

  3. Ugh. Hope you guys are able to work something out. Is there a classmate who’s house he can go over to during the appointment, maybe?

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