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Monkey woke up for the day at 3AM. Needless to say, he did not go to pre-school today. He also missed school yesterday because we went out (for once) Tuesday night and he was up until 9:30PM. This is one reason we never go out. He won’t go to bed for anyone but us and when his sleep gets thrown off, it literally takes days to get him back on track. Not. Worth. It.


I had to change my first ultrasound appointment from Fri. 9/14 to Mon. 9/17 because Monkey isn’t in school on Fridays and I want DW with me for the appointment. I tried to get it for Thurs instead, but our coordinator said it might be too early and then we’d be all worried.


I’m not feeling too much symptom-wise these days. However, those of you who were around when I was PG with Monkey might remember incidents of Nugget Rage. We called Monkey the Nugget in utero and early in my pregnancy with him I would have these totally irrational moments of extreme anger over trivial stuff. Well it’s back! Our kitchen faucet is broken and when you use it, it sprays water all over the place. Annoying? Sure. But I go off every time I have to use it. Once it’s over, I can laugh at it but in the moment I am SO EFFIN PISSED! Hopefully it’s getting fixed early next week – we have to order a new faucet. It’s always something.



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2 responses to “random bits

  1. Waiting for that first ultrasound is torture – sorry you have to endure it for 3 more day :/

    I don’t even have words for dealing with Monkey and sleep… Other than to wish you good luck and hope tonight is better!

  2. Ahhhhh pregnancy rage….the one thing NOT missed from when DW was pregnant with Little Monster. Sending you massive amounts of good thoughts and positive energy for the ultrasound and Monkey’s sleep 😉 Btw, I totally agree with you about the going out thing, it is so much easier to just stay home than face the schedule change consequences.

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