preschool update

Monkey is doing incredibly well in preschool. He has learned to sit down at circle time (this is a big deal because he was SO far from it when he started a week and a half ago  hell, last week he bit DW because he didn’t want to sit down at circle time). He comes home filthy, tired and happy every day. He’s had no issue with separation anxiety at all. DW said today his teacher came up to her and said that every day someone tells her how much they like Monkey, and DW said two other parents have commented to her on how cute he is. So proud ❤

Now if only we could move forward on the potty training…


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9 responses to “preschool update

  1. How are you handling accidents? Does he just pee, get changed and no issue? I’m starting to get worried (big shocker) and was looking into training paints along the lines of “cloth pull-ups”. I need some sort of a back up plan without completely breaking the rules.

    • Yep, we just put him in underwear, tell him to use the potty and he pees his pants 🙂 This happens every day (he comes home in different clothes), but so far no one has said anything. I think we’re lucky in that since it’s a co-op, it’s a different group of parents at the school each day so no one can really notice a pattern. We are still working with him and hope it’ll just click one day.

      They are okay with accidents, they just don’t want him in a diaper. Hopefully, Sadie’s school will be the same. Besides, I’ve heard tons of stories of kids who were totally potty trained at home, but then when they start school it’s a new ballgame (i.e. they are back to lots of accidents). Sadie won’t be the only one, I’m sure of that. Just like Monkey isn’t the only one having an accident every day 🙂

  2. Pnut refuses to go to library story time. I am that she won’t drop out of the Mandarin story time I have us signed up for. These rebels! Monkey is giving me hope.

  3. If everyone is breaking the rules why do they persist on insisting that they are trained? It seems so random and bizarre. And seems to be the rule everywhere.
    Monkey sounds just delightful and pre school sounds like loads of fun! And DW and you get some quiet time to work / do other stuff! Great!
    Hope the potty training improves:)

  4. That is a lot to be proud of!!!! Way to go Monkey and Mommies!!!! Have you seen the book Potty by Leslie Patricelli? It was a BIG BOOSTER with Little Monster toward potty training…we read it every day and while he was on the potty “waiting” just like the little boy does in the book 🙂

  5. chunkandmommy

    Can he wear a pull-up instead of underwear? It isn’t technically a diaper. I think these rules are so interesting especially if multiple kids are having accidents. Potty training is such a rollercoaster. We have pee conquered (he even woke up dry today!) but, he poops in his underwear. At this point, I think he likes to just watch me clean out his nasty underwear (only toddler I know with IBS) and it provides nightly entertainment. Hang in there mamas!

    • Nope, they insist on underwear. I’m thinking if they want to try to ensure the kids are potty trained, then they need to raise the start age to 3 (currently it’s at 2 years, 9 months). But they aren’t giving us grief about his accidents or anything. I guess they don’t want to be changing diapers, but I don’t see the big difference between a diaper and wet underwear. It’s kind of stressful, but hopefully it’ll click one day soon. He definitely gets the concept, he just doesn’t want to do it. These stubborn toddlers!

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