4dp5dt – my probably imaginary “symptoms”

We have reached that point in the game during which I think I feel stuff happening. Here are my “symptoms”:

  • Mild cramping/heavy feeling in my lower belly yesterday and today
  • Crazy moody for a couple of days
  • Headachey
  • Peeing more than usual

Probably nothing, but possibly something… We’ll find out on Thursday!

Another blogger is trying to help out a high school in need by rallying the troops to vote for it in the Target gift certificate dealie that’s going on now. I think it’s a great idea! Click here to vote and feel free to pass it on 🙂

3 days to beta.


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6 responses to “4dp5dt – my probably imaginary “symptoms”

  1. One of the earliest symptoms that I felt was that heaviness in my lower belly. Hope it’s a good sign for you too! Only a few more days until you’ll find out! (Fingers crossed until then!)

  2. The peeing more than usual was DW’s first symptom with LM!!!! Yay for bladder pressure 🙂

  3. those sound like good symptoms to me! im on the edge of my seat until thursday….

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