fet #3

We transferred these two “perfect” embryos today at 4:30PM!

The embryologist was enthusiastic about how great they were, which was nice since she thought the last batch were “good, but not excellent.” She was also excited about the two we didn’t transfer, saying she was going to give them another day to hatch and then refreeze them. She labeled all 4 as excellent, so we’re feeling pretty good about this try. We are also going to stay home and take it very easy for the next couple of days to give ourselves the best possible chance at success. Beta #1 is next Thursday. It all happens so fast, it’s kind of crazy!


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8 responses to “fet #3

  1. Rebecca Day-Rodriguez

    Ahhh! Keeping you and your family (and embies) in my thoughts and prayers. FX!

  2. Roxxroxx

    They look like real beauties! It’s amazing what the docs do, isn’t it? My babies were frozen before transfer – frozen!! It boggles the mind. Good luck! Xxx

  3. What beautiful embies!!!! Get lots of rest and relaxation. Sending sticky embryo wishes your way 🙂

  4. those are seriously beautiful embryos. (and no, i don’t say that to all the girls!) 😉
    i have a good feeling about this cycle and will keep my fingers tightly crossed!

  5. I have my fingers crossed!!!!!

  6. Good luck! It sounds like you guys are right on with perfect embryos. YAY

  7. They look great! Good luck!!

  8. gorgeous! i hope they’re getting all snuggly!

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