fet status

I had an ultrasound with my RE today and all looked great. It still cracks me up to hear all of these compliments about my uterus and ovaries. HAHAHA! Lining was good and we’re on track for our transfer next Thursday at 4PM. He asked how many embryos we’re planning to transfer and when I told him two, he said he was glad. Knowing him, he’d like to do 3-4 so that single embryo last time must have been killing him.

In terms of meds, I’m still doing my Vivelle patches every three days and we start PIO shots tonight (yay). I start my Medrol dose pack tomorrow. It is hard to believe that we might be pregnant before the end of the month.

In house hunting news, nothing really new. There is not much inventory out there as nobody seems to want to list their house in this economy. So we see ho-hum properties that have bids and are like, “What?” I think it is going to take some time to find something. I’ve seen two houses that I really loved but one needed a TON of work and was at the top of our price range. The other was super adorable, great location, all redone but tiny and overpriced. Like we would already be out of room if we moved in. It was so cute, though! Got to get it out of my head and move on to the next.

Sleep is back to normal, thank the Gods. Monkey starts pre-school next week (!!!!) and we are still working on potty training. They said he can come, but they expect him to be in underwear and if he has accidents, oh well. Not too stressful… Still, he’ll love school we are sure so we’re going for it. Wish us potty luck!


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7 responses to “fet status

  1. Look at you on the move…exciting *wiggling my toes*

  2. Next in line

    Good luck with the shots tonight:)

  3. Good luck with FET and house!!! Wishing Monkey a great start to preschool!!!!

  4. Good luck with the FET and Monkey starting preschool!

  5. So exciting on thr FET front. Good luck with the undies! I’m sure he’ll catch on quickly 🙂

  6. so exciting!!!

    we are still working on the final stages of potty training too — we are soooo close, but not there yet. (and i’m SO ready to be there!)

  7. Woo-Woo!!! So if we use the same RE, we might actually run into eachother at the office!!! 🙂 I have my fingers and toes crossed for you guys for a successful and easy transfer…and successful and easy potty training of Monkey. Lord knows we have to start that process soon and I’m scared. 🙂

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