calmer now

Okay, I’ve managed to dial back the drama over here 🙂 The sleep situation is a bit better, but still not good. This too shall pass…

And it is now almost 24 hours later from when I started this post and we had another horrible night. Monkey is definitely sick now, so I guess we know the cause. Nothing serious, just a runny nose and low-grade fever – but it’s enough to make sleeping difficult I guess. I got maybe 5 interrupted hours of sleep last night. On the plus side, I watched the women’s gymnastics on On Demand and that was cool. Monkey also likes the Olympics. He has enjoyed watching gymnastics (“jumping”), swimming, and cycling. Future sports fan or player – maybe both?

I had my RE appointment on Tuesday and it went well. All looked good and I started with Vivelle patches that day (leftover from my last cycle). The rest of my meds will arrive today – more patches, Medrol dose pack, and PIO with needles and syringes. You may recall that I had no injections with my last FET. I’m not sure what changed, but they want me to do progesterone via injections this time around (of course they do – I have about 3 boxes of suppositories left over from last time). I have my next appointment next Friday (8/10), and they estimated the transfer to be on 8/16. Beta would be one week after transfer. It all goes so fast, it’s kind of crazy.

Yesterday I was feeling much more ready for this try and excited about the possibility of another baby. Today I am back to thinking OMG what are we doing???? I’m just telling myself that what will be will be. If we have another baby, we will love him/her and be happy to have another member of our family. I know this. It will be hard, but it will be great, too. If the sleep thing would just get better, I know I’d feel 100% on board. This actually helps me to feel more positive about this try, too, as the bad sleep can’t last forever, right? RIGHT????

Sorry this post is rambly and all over the place. Mama needs some serious sleep. Aw, and now I’m hearing “our song” from the next room where Mommy and Monkey are watching videos. Oasis “Live Forever” – “Maybe you’re the same as me/ We see things they’ll never  see…” ❤


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4 responses to “calmer now

  1. I think the rollercoaster of emotions is a normal thing to go through. Good luck with this FET. You’ll have to keep us updated. It does seem as if it’ll be happening so fast!

    Good luck with the sleep too.

    • Thanks, friend. FYI, for some reason, I’m not able to comment on your blog. I get stupid WordPress errors. Wanted you to know I’m following along and leaving all kinds of thought comments 🙂 I can’t believe you’re over halfway through this pregnancy! That’s crazy!

  2. I 100% understand you. I went through the exact same emotions when I started my meds. I’d look at SugarButt and wonder if we were making the right decision, if we were messing up his life, if he’d resent us…and now it all seems so silly to me. I cannot believe your FET is right around the corner. Maybe we’ll run into one another at our RE’s office (if we use the same one) during one of your appointments. 😉

  3. Next in line

    Making babies requires one giant leap of faith and then one way or another it all works out. Optimism is only one good night of sleep away.

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