we heart stress!

We are being true to form and jumping into two huge life-changing activities at the same time. Some of you might recall that we did a major remodel during my pregnancy with Monkey. Apparently we just love tackling multiple projects at the same time. Argh.

First, we have retained a realtor and are seriously starting to house-hunt. We plan to keep our condo and rent it out. And we are doing all of this on one income (mine). It seems like the housing prices in our area are just starting to creep up and we’re worried if we wait a couple of years until DW is back at work, we’ll be priced out. So, here we go. We’re hoping to buy a 3-4 bedroom house a few miles to the north of where we are now (we’d prefer to stay in our community, but we can’t afford what we want here). Pros: MORE SPACE LESS CLUTTER, a yard for Monkey, a better home office set up for me, no more living on a busy street. Cons: Moving (ugh), stress over the rental aspects of the condo, stress over money (what if the condo sits empty for any length of time?), leaving our neighborhood.

Second, we will be starting on what we think will be our final TTC attempt for #2 when my period arrives (any second now). We will be trying with our two strongest embryos post-thaw and figure it is our best shot. Of course, we could change our minds and try another time with our twice-frozen embie(s), but it just seems like such a long-shot with the twice-frozens. I feel pretty good about giving it one last go and then either being PG or settling in with our “only.” I am off the caffeine and trying to eat less junk, more good stuff.

So, we might be going through the stress of a major move while Mama is in the first trimester of a pregnancy. Sounds fun, no? If Monkey’s preschool doesn’t let him start in August due to not being potty trained, we are majorly screwed. So counting on those hours to pack and do all of the annoying things involved with moving.


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4 responses to “we heart stress!

  1. Sounds like two exciting changes! Good luck with both!

  2. I think you are wise with the move – even if it’s going to be stressful! It will be so nice to hsve a house and a yard and space!
    Good luck with TTC # 2! I’m rooting for you!

  3. You all are hardcore! Good luck with everything!

  4. Oh my…. You do love stress.. I’m feeling it for you! We actually got into our neighbourhood just before being priced out (houses are now between 70K and 130K more than what we paid 2 years ago). When the time is right you have to just do it!
    Good luck – house hunting and FET. Can’t wait to read more!

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