potty training cont.

Yeah, the 3 day method was a failure for us. By the end of day 3, Monkey was crying when ran him to the potty. Even though others keep the program going beyond 3 days if the child isn’t yet potty trained, we decided that would be cruel and unusual punishment since it wasn’t going well, he seemed to be developing a fear of the potty, and he’d already been indoors for 3 solid days. We have backed off and put him back in pull-ups. Now we talk about underwear and going potty and give him the option instead (he never chooses to wear underwear or go to the potty).

I had hoped that at the end of the 3 days, Monkey would go pee mostly in the potty. Now he starts pre-school in a month and we feel pretty doubtful that he’ll be potty trained by then (they require that for attendance). So it’s in jeopardy I guess. We’re going to a pre-school picnic today and will have this discussion with them. We will be so disappointed if he can’t go – he really is ready in every other way.

So on that note, feel free to share any tips and tricks that worked for you. I know many of you did in my last post and I thank you for that.


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4 responses to “potty training cont.

  1. Jdz

    Bummer 3 day didn’t work. ): We’re going to try it…. eek.

    Re: Pre-school… I was bent out of shape over pre-school until my friend said to just send Sadie in pull-ups because the reality is, they’re only there for 2.5 hours (here anyway). They will NOT change a dirty diaper so you’ll be called but as far as pee goes, it’s only 2.5 hours, no diaper change needed. I was told to say potty trained but still using pull-ups. End of story.
    Of course if he’s going to have a BM during that time every day, you’re screwed.
    Btw, there is s little boy in Sadie’s soccer that looks like Monkey (except for the white-blonde ringlets lol). I’m going to have to snap a pic.

  2. Next in Line

    Darn. I think this is such a tough age to potty train. They are so on their own path. Are there any other kids that are potty trained that could come over and do potty demos? Sometimes other kids doing things is more inspiring.

  3. have you tried bribery? we give Bird m&ms for going in the potty – it’s been a good motivation (though we still aren’t 100%).

  4. chunkandmommy

    Potty training is such an adventure with ups and downs. Chunk now constantly pees but still has accidents every now and then. I think it is important to listen to them and not all kids are ready at a specific age. Bribery does work for us because well, chunk loves candy and rarely gets it.

    I bought chunk the pull-ups that are Disney Cars and there is a symbol on the front that disappears when wet. He now knows to not make the circle or numbers disappear and checks it frequently, which has helped with the pee’ing aspect. I hope pre-school won’t be an issue because that seems like a shame, esp since he isn’t three yet! Good luck mama’s.

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