potty training

Well, we bit the bullet and started the 3 day potty training method yesterday.
–NOTE: The method is very simplistic and the items that the Web site says are addressed in the book aren’t addressed in depth at all. We’ll see if it actually works tomorrow – our day 3 – but I just wanted to say that before anyone buys the booklet on my recommendation.
We are a little past the halfway point and unfortunately have not had much success yet. The booklet says that’s okay and very normal, but it does make you wonder if we will have a potty trained boy by end-of-day tomorrow. Here is how things have gone so far.

Monkey woke up at around 4:30AM (GROAN!!!!). We removed his diaper and put him into his first pair of (adorable) underwear. Then we had him gather up all of his unused diapers and put them in the “garbage” (a tote bag that I stashed away). We went to the potty seat and talked about how now we use the potty to go pee pee and poo poo. No more diapers. Then we went into the living room, where he pretty much immediately went number 2 in his underwear. We took him into the bathroom and put it into the potty and had him flush it. Then we put on his second pair of underwear. Within ten minutes he peed in his pants. So we rushed him into the bathroom and had him sit on the potty and talked again about how that is where go to the bathroom. Then we put on his third pair of underwear.

Let’s just say he went through 7 pairs of underwear before 10AM. We had purchased 12 pairs at Target (x-small plain white Fruit of the Loom 6 packs). We quickly saw that that wasn’t going to be enough, so I ran to Target at 8AM and got 2 more packs. He never went potty on the potty at all yesterday, aside from a bit of dribble at the end of one our (many) runs to bathroom mid-pee. Sigh. He napped in underwear and woke up wet. Sigh.

We followed the rules and put him to bed in underwear (after much debate over whether we should just let him wear a nighttime diaper for nights), expecting to awaken to a wet boy at some point (possibly many points) in the night. DW woke up around 1:30AM to a wet toddler. We put him on the potty and changed the bed and he went back to sleep easily.

Monkey woke up dry at 5:45AM and I immediately took him to the potty, where he sat down and PEED IN THE POTTY!!! Woot woot! Much praise was heaped upon him – he was very proud of himself. We thought, “Look! We’ve turned the corner! This boy is practically potty trained now!” I’m sorry to say, friends, it wasn’t so. He’s had about 3-4 accidents so far today (up until 2:30PM), has had nothing happen in the potty, and is very resistant about going to the potty. He will tell us, “Pee pee/poo poo coming.” We will accompany him to the potty. He will remove underwear and sit on the potty. One minute later he is off the potty. Nothing we say will get him back to the potty. Sigh.

Still, there have been changes. First, he made it through nap time today without an accident. Second, he seems to get that he can hold his pee/poo. Notice that today’s underwear count is significantly lower than yesterday’s. I think that’s a decent step in the right direction. It seemed like yesterday he just went whenever he had the slightest urge, where today he holds it.

So, it’s a slow process over here. The booklet claims it WILL WORK in 3 days and says that some kids get it quickly in the first day, some the second, and some need the entire 3 days. Here’s hoping!

I haven’t seen much in the way of potty training posts from my bloggy friends. How is it going with you all? Have you started yet? What worked? What didn’t? And a few specific questions I have:

  • If you train on a little potty (as opposed to a seat on the big potty), how does that work/what do you do when you are away from home?
  • Are you training your boys to stand or sit? We figure sitting is easier for starting out and we’ll graduate to standing when he’s mastered the basics.


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  1. 1) Monkey is adorable in the header pic!
    2) We trained Little Monster on the Baby B.jorn little potty chair mainly because the wide lip on it really helps contain the stream with little boys…I am sure you get my drift here! When we were away from home we either picked him up and sat him on the big toilet and made sure to brace him with his legs as wide as they could get for security feeling or eventually, after getting a tip from another mommy of boys, we started having him get on the toilet backwards (facing the rear of the toilet) so that way he could straddle the toilet and hold on to the back for extra stability. This does not really work with going #2 but works great with peeing. We transitioned to a potty seat on the big potty after a month or so of training and mostly because we did not want to take the potty chair on vacation (Disney.cruise) with us and he now uses both equally. There are portable fold up potty seats that will fit in any bag or purse that you can carry around, but we never tried them because he does fine going potty in public without anything.
    3) We trained sitting down, it is easier in the beginning, and started very early telling him to push his penis down as he sat to avoid the spray that IS going to eventually happen. We just this week started working on the standing up to pee and so far so good.
    Finally, not asked but here goes: We started actively potty training around the end of January and although improvement happened daily (and there were a couple bouts of regression which is totally normal) I did not consider Little Monster FULLY potty trained until around end of April, about 3 months. I have noticed that different people have different ideas of what potty training means to them, each is fine, but to me, it means the child knows when he has to use the bathroom without a reminder, goes to the bathroom, removes his own underwear, gets on potty himself, does his business, washes his hands and goes on his way and Little Monster has been doing that and generally accident free (there is the dribble here or streak there exception) since May. He does wear a night night diaper at night (regular diaper) and if we are taking a LONG car ride we do put a bye bye diaper (pull up) on him, but other than that he is in underwear all day and even during a 3 hr nap and is always dry. If others can accomplish that sooner then great, but for us it seemed to be more of a process. We started out with rewarding him with stickers that he got to pick and hang up on a sticker chart over his potty chair (it is basically a piece of poster board decorated brightly saying REAL NAME went potty!) and kept a basket of books next to the potty for him or us to read while he was in the initial stages and did not want to sit there more than 30 seconds, like it sounds like Monkey wants to do. You guys seem to be on a great start and I hope it works out!!!! Good luck Monkey and Mommies!!!

    PS-Sorry it is long, but you asked 😉

    • Thanks for the info! I was definitely not expecting Monkey to be completely and totally potty trained in 3 days. I was hoping he’d be mostly going pee on the potty, with some accidents. I wasn’t expecting him to go #2 on the potty since I know that is usually a tough one. Unfortunately, I don’t think my expectations will be realized. It is sloooow going and he still as of this AM wasn’t going on the potty. I knew 3 days sounded too good to be true.

  2. We’re starting the 3 day method on August 4th (which is a holiday long weekend here). So far Sadie has asked to go pee on the potty twice and has pooped on the potty once (today actually, after asking). Although my mom is casually working with her I’m hoping the 3 day method is the key and we’re done with this quickly.
    We’re also using a reward chart with stickers and I bought a few toys to wrap as rewards that weekend. I’m sure that goes against the method but I thought it would make it more fun!
    Good luck! I hope it works by EOD tomorrow!

  3. We just bought the Bjorn chair after reading some good reviews. At 1.5y, I think it’s a little early to start trying in earnest, but I can also tell that The Bean is often aware when he has to go so we thought we would introduce it and use a very relaxed approach –probably just have him sit on it for as long as he will tolerate in the am when he gets up, after naps and before bed. The very first time he sat on it he peed, and we hooted and hollered, but there have been no repeat performances.

  4. chunkandmommy

    Potty training with chunk has been a mixed bag. I mainly think part of the problem is that he has THREE environments with three different people so consistency is hard. My plan was to use a potty seat that fits on top of the regular seat (purcahsed at Target, Sesame Street) and chunk responded well. At daycare, he sits on the regular toilet seat because they are a miniature toilet. I told Tiff to buy a similar seat, but she goes between having him sit and having him stand on a stool….so this is part of our problem. When he is with me, he sits 100% of the time and pees very frequently. We use pullups instead of underwear but even chunk says, “no pee-pee in Cars” (he has Cars pullups.) His bowels are also an issue that I recently talked about so I am not even trying to get him to poop in the potty yet because he can’t control his loose bowels (think IBS for toddlers) and thus, the use of pullups.

    I really have had to approach this in a very laid back manner because if not, it would stress me out and it isn’t worth it. I do think all kids are different and you just have to figure out what works for you and Monkey. Chunk does get rewards and those have helped greatly–who knew placing a sticker on a chart would be so rewarding! Good luck guys!!!

  5. The 3 day method would never have worked for Curly. It makes me laugh to even think about it. We even tried naked time (outside) and he just ended up pooping all over the yard lol. He is fully day-time potty-trained now, but honestly, it took a full year. We never pressured him until he started getting really good at it around 3 years old. He would consistently pee in the potty starting around 2 years old first thing in the morning and last thing at night. They would take them on a schedule at daycare, and for a very long time, he would have a 50% success rate at school. He would never stay dry during a long nap, which most of his naps were. And pooping in the potty was a rarity. Finally, when he was ready and could feel things better and control his own body better, he got it. We kept a sticker chart for him and it started filling up with stars. On weeks he stayed dry, he would get a small present. When he pooped in the potty, he’d get 2 chocolate chips. It worked wonderfully for him- real motivators. And once he got going, it didn’t take long at all. What I’ve read and what I’ve learned is, your child has to be ready and understand it and want to do it. Otherwise, it just means constant clean-up for you.

    • Yeah, I hear you. I don’t think this 3 day thing will succeed with Monkey. He seems to understand it, but I don’t think he necessarily wants to do it yet. Sigh. I wouldn’t be in a big rush except that he starts preschool in mid-August and they expect them to be in underwear. Eep.

  6. potty training has been an ongoing process for us too. we started talking about it several months ago and putting her on the potty occasionally during diaper changes or before baths (just a kid seat on our regular toilet, not a special kid potty). she’d go, but didn’t have the hang of telling us in advance. about a month ago, something just flipped in her little brain and she started giving us warning of wanting to go, so we’d run to the bathroom. she she’s about 80-90 potty trained now during the days (sometimes she’s too distracted to bother with peeing in the potty, so she goes in her diaper. she always poos in the potty though, which is good!). she still wakes up wet in the mornings…not sure how to make that transition. oh, and she’s still in (cloth) diapers even though she mostly goes to the potty because we’ve been too lazy to push real underwear and unwanting/unwilling to deal with the mess of accidents!
    good luck, ill be looking forward to hearing how the 3-day program goes!

  7. I’ve now potty trained two kids, ages 5 and 3. Our daughter was 2.5 when we started. I found naked time to be the best because they wouldn’t think they had something to catch the pee/poo so were more likely to try for the potty. She didn’t care. It took 3 months and then something clicked. With our son, we let him take the lead. One day he just wanted to and he did it by 2.5. I never ever ask them to try and go because they won’t. They go when they need to and from the start, they’ve both known when they need to. I think when they’re ready it’s soooo much easier. With our son, he hardly had accidents at all.

    For accidents, I recommend using big towels for the mess and then clean the area after. Much easier to sop it up that way and less stress.

    I only used pull-ups for sleep. Underwear 24/7 otherwise so the accidents don’t feel nice to them. When out shopping I’ve heard a tip to use underwear under a pull-up so the wetness still feels nasty but there is no mess. Oh, store messes are the worst!!

    We’ve mostly used little potties because the kids could go themselves. I started with a potty out in the room we were in so it was easy to get to and a constant reminder to them. Then I moved it to the bathroom. Our kids didn’t even need help getting to the potty and sitting down.

    For boys… we had our son sit at first but I would have to help point his penis down. At daycare they stand. They use a stool and teach the boys to lean over and grab the seat so they are slanted and pointing down to the toilet. This way they don’t miss. I found this difficult until he was a little older and could reach. Now he can stand and just point it himself. For going out, we used seats. They have an awesome folding seat that you can tuck into a bag. I loved that thing. That or I held them over the toilet. For a boy, it’s easy to lift them and hold them slanted over the toilet so they are “standing” but you’re holding them. I found that I rarely needed the potty seat when I was out with our son since I could do that.

  8. They make travel potty seats that fold up I think.

    With Liam, we did squat. (Bad parents! haha) He really learned by watching his peers at daycare and pretty much was “taught” by the daycare teachers. But he does pee standing up. That’s just how they do it there and we didn’t want to mess up a good thing by making him sit down and pee at home. So, he is potty trained with peeing. He has a little stool he stands on and he can lift the seat up and go and flush (most of the time, other times, he lets it mellow!). Also sometimes he waits until he has to go really badly and will pee a little in his undies and all over the seat and floor. Generally he’s good though. We still put him in a pull up at night – he seems to stay dry if he doesn’t have anything to drink before bed. Naps are usually OK.

    Now going poop is another story. He pooped in the potty ONCE! And I’m not sure what happened after that, but now he is afraid of sitting on the potty to poop. So he will ask to put on a pull up so he can go in it. He can totally hold it, but refuses to go on the potty to do it. Control is not the issue, but the fear of whatever is holding him back. I told him that once we run out of pullups, he has to sit on the potty to go poop. Not sure how that’s going to go… Bribes of lollipops and monster trucks (two of his favorite things) will not work either!

    I might try what you did and toss the poop in the toilet and have him flush to show him that’s where the poops are supposed to go. Not in a diaper anymore!

    Good luck!! Hope he picks up on it soon! I am sure he will! 🙂

  9. I would also like to add that I agree with the readiness factor that other PPs have mentioned. We didn’t rush things with Liam (which I have learned to accept with just about every other milestone prior). He actually told us one day out of the blue that he wanted to wear “big boy underwear”. We were skeptical at first, but he kept insisting. THat first day we had just a couple accidents, and also a pee accident at the grocery store, which kind of freaked him out and maybe embarrassed him enough to try not to do it again (we have not have any other public accidents since that first incident).

  10. Three days! How awesome. The summer is the perfect time to at the very least kickstart the whole business. Good luck. Bee potty trained easily and very very young, but we still have to carry the duckie potty seat or there is a melt down.

  11. I loved reading this because I’m 99% sure we’re going to be in the same boat with SugarButt within the next month. 🙂

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