more ttc #2 navel-gazing

So, we ended up coming home last Thursday night instead of Saturday morning. We have never been so happy to be home as we were Friday! Nothing like going on a bad trip to make your everyday life seem absolutely fantastically perfect 🙂 We’ve enjoyed swimming, taking neighborhood walks, and having playdates with Monkey’s friends. Aaaaaaahhhh.

DW and I have also had a few conversations about our next FET. We are currently planning on transferring two embryos, despite our previous stance on single embryo only transfers. Our thought process is as follows:

  • When we started, we had two straws; one with 3 embryos and the other with 4. We thawed the straw with 3 for our try in May. Out of that straw, we transferred one embryo (and got a BFN), refroze another embryo, and discarded the third as the quality wasn’t high. Therefore, we have one now twice frozen embryo from that straw.
  • For the next try (in late July/early August), we will be thawing the straw that has 4 embryos. Any that we don’t transfer will either be discarded or refrozen. So we feel like our best shot will be with this next try as any tries after this one will be using twice-frozen embryos.

I’ve done a bit of research and it seems like our chances of a twin pregnancy are low, but I can’t figure out if the stats are done using the mother’s age at the time of the transfer (42) or the age of the mother when the eggs were first retrieved (38) – yes, there does seem to be a difference once you hit the magical age of 40. We will contact the embryologist at my RE’s office, but I’m not convinced we’ll get a straight answer as we never seem to over there.

I’ve also seen some stories and research showing that twice-frozen embryos can and do indeed result in pregnancies, so if this try isn’t successful, we will likely keep trying until we are out of embryos (so most likely only one more try after this one). At that point, I think we’ll be done trying and will have a happy life as a family of 3.

We both wish we had thought through the process and our timing prior to our last try as we feel like we kind of blew that one. Turns out we thought it was a no-brainer that I’d end up pregnant since I did with both of our previous tries, so we just didn’t take it as seriously as we did when TTC #1. We also figured that we had 7 single-embryo tries, but that isn’t necessarily the case what with the quality issues, embryos surviving the thaw, and the twice-frozen aspect. This time around I will be cutting out caffeine and planning on being very low-key on activity during the TWW. I may even visit my acupuncturist like I did way back when on our first try.  We’ll see what the future holds.


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5 responses to “more ttc #2 navel-gazing

  1. Yay for being home and enjoying your family time! Wishing you all the best of luck with the upcoming FET and TWW.

  2. Did I miss a vacation post? Sorry you weren’t having fun, and yes, it’s always really nice to come back to ones real life, esp in those circumstances.
    I think your decision about the next FET is a good one! It’s such a crapshoot really. But it sounds like you have a good plan. FX:)

  3. Great Plan! I was struggling as well to come up with a decision on how many embryos to transfer for my next FET but I finally decided I will transfer 2. If it has to be twins let it be. I’d rather two than none at all ; )

  4. How interesting… good information for you guys to have for sure! Good luck with the next transfer!!

  5. Sounds like you made the right decision to come home! So pleased for you. As for transferring 2… well… my philosophy has always been that we’d ideally have a singleton, but ultimately, “two babies is better than no babies.” And twins, while difficult in many regards, are also pretty fabulous!

    Here’s hoping you get exactly what you want!

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