today’s the day…

I don’t know yet whether or not I am pregnant (will know by end-of-day), but I just had to share the story of getting my blood drawn for the beta today. Because it just wouldn’t be us if it weren’t surrounded by lunacy!

Part I (okay, this one is kind of my own fault): I had an order for the bloodwork emailed to me last week because I knew it would be tough to get to my RE’s office this morning. I tried to schedule an appt online for a place that is walking distance to get the blood draw, but they had no openings until 2:30PM, which would be too late to get the results back today. I was just going to (sadly and impatiently) wait to get the blood draw Tuesday.

Part II: Yesterday DW started feeling sick and got progressively worse into the evening. Monkey was up in the night from 2AM-4:30AM and I had to get up with him as DW was feeling so bad. He was up for the day at 6:30AM. DW was supposed to give a friend of ours a ride to get a minor surgery this morning, but she was so sick that I had to do it.  Since I had to take our friend to his appointment, I looked to see if there was a lab nearby and there was and they had an appt time that would work (YAY!). So, I dropped him off and went to the lab. There was a line of pissed off people waiting there as the lab had not yet opened (it was 9AM and the lab was supposed to open at 8AM). This was around the corner from my old (crappy) RE’s office, so I took a chance and headed over there to see if they would do the blood draw. They did and it was done quickly ($110 later…hope my insurance will reimburse as that is one expensive pregnancy test).

Did you get all that? What is it with us and our wacky life? DW is convinced that I am not pregnant as we did so many things that we shouldn’t have done post-transfer (tons of walking during the vacation, hot tub, I carried Monkey A LOT, etc.), but I’m not counting us out yet. I’ve had a couple of possible symptoms, but they could also be due to the progesterone. We’ll see. Today is 11dp5dt.


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7 responses to “today’s the day…

  1. OMG just POAS you’re killing me!!!!!

  2. Seriously!! Pee woman! 🙂

  3. ooohhhhh…. tell us the result! fingers crossed for you!!!

  4. I dont know how you have so much self control to not POAS!!! I would have peed on 10 by now. LOL Fingers crossed for you!

  5. Hoping that you get a positive result! Give us the update as soon as you know!

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