Ah well. We’ll try again when I get my period at the end of July.


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11 responses to “bfn

  1. Oh no!!! I’m so sorry!! ):

  2. CeCe

    Sending you best wishes for next month.

  3. So sorry. Best of luck for July!

  4. Crap. I’m sorry. Here’s hoping July is your month!

  5. nooo, sorry, best of luck for july!

  6. SJ

    I’m sorry. Keeping my fingers crossed for you for next month.

  7. Hi friend, so sorry about your BFN. My phone has been acting up so thats why I am late. What happened to the post titled nothings easy – it popped up in my feed but is not there. I hope you are okay! Big hugs!

  8. Next in Line

    Best of everything for you and I hope your next one is the one.

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