I am typing this while looking at the ocean out of the 15th floor ocean-front condo we are staying at this week on Coronado Island (San Diego, CA). We got here on Saturday and will be here through this coming Saturday. So far here is what we’ve done:

  • Sunday: Legoland Water Park! We rented a cabana next to the little kids wading pool area and it was pretty awesome. Monkey and his pal had a great time, but Monkey was super tired and melted down a couple of times. They close the pool area for 10 minutes every hour or two for a “potty break” and when that happened, it was like the world was ending. So thankful we had the cabana so we could contain him. Then when it was time to leave, he totally freaked out. We got his suit off and got him into a diaper but he just refused to let us dress him. Like we were worried he’d get injured if we forced him into his clothes. So instead we carried a screaming diaper-clad toddler through the park to the exit. Yes, we got many looks. Sigh.
  • Monday: Legoland! We road lots of rides and Monkey loved it. He even rode his first rollercoaster, which he absolutely loved (he’s just like his Mama [me]). He did great all day, but he did pitch a fit when it was time to leave. He never wants the fun to end.

Today he woke up super early, so we didn’t do anything but hang around the condo for the morning. We may go to the Science Museum this afternoon. Fun!

I’ve been off the coffee and trying to eat healthy and take care of myself while we wait to see if I’m pregnant or not. I’ve done a couple of things that I thought after the fact were probably not the best (road the kiddie coaster and went into the hot tub briefly last night), but we’ll see. We’ve also decided that if we aren’t pregnant this time around, we’re going to wait until my July period to try again. We have trips planned in June and July and this trip has kind of shown us that it might be better to just wait until a more mellow time. So either I’ll be PG (yay!) or I’ll get to have lots of fun on our vacations (yay!). Win/win, right?


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2 responses to “vacation

  1. sure, win/win….but i’m voting for option a!! 😀

  2. I do hope you are pregnant. When I was pregnant with Celia and didn’t know it, I rode many rollercoasters, drank a fish bowl of mixed drinks and ate raw fish. Somehow, she survived.:) Cheers!

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