re appt

Went just fine. My uterus and ovaries were again praised, my lining was great and we are a go for a Thursday transfer (assuming my bloodwork looks fine, which I see no reason that it wouldn’t). It will be Thursday at 3:30PM. I started the progesterone today and start my Medrol dose pack tomorrow. Hopefully these antibiotics kick in and I start feeling better before Thursday.

Last night was a rough Monkey night. He woke up at 1:30AM and would not go back to sleep. My nighttime Hulk rage was in full force, so DW got up with him (bless her). She tried to get him back down at 2:30AM. Nope. Tried again at 3:30AM. Nope. I got up with him and finally got him to sleep around 5AM. We were all up for the day at 8:30AM. I am not happy with myself that I was not able to keep my emotions in check. I hope that it is due to my being sick as I thought I was doing better with it. I have to say I am a little worried about my nighttime parenting as it is, much less adding a newborn to the mix. I wonder if I should see a therapist to learn coping skills. I am just a horrible person in the middle of the night.

It seems a bit silly since I didn’t know him personally, but the death of MCA from Beastie Boys has added to my funk this morning. So sad.


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6 responses to “re appt

  1. Next in line

    Monkey’s ability to party like a rock star at night would test any parent’s patience especially while sick. Tag teaming is a great strategy.

    I am relieved everything is coming together for this next cycle 🙂

  2. yay, yay, yay! pregnant by next weekend, i love it!!! 🙂

    hope sleep is better tonight. i’ve really had to struggle to be a better person in the wee hours of the morning too. its h-a-r-d!

  3. I have s bad temper at night. Turning the tv on helps me…doesn’t help to get the boys to sleep though.

  4. Yay, all sounds good!
    I get horrifically nasty and irritable before bedtime. I can’t deal with any stress. I have finally chalked it up to being a depression symptom and try really hard to just stop all stressful activity at that point and go to bed. Maybe you and DW can work something out like she does more at night and you make up for it during the day. Like giving her time for a nap during the day while you watch monkey? Good luck. I’m sure the hormones aren’t helping any either!

  5. Meg is a disaster at night – sometimes it scares me. I don’t think you’re alone in this.
    But on a lighter note, I’m excited that you’re getting knocked up this week!!

  6. Hope all goes well with your transfer and monkey lets you get some sleep. Lack of sleep and being sick is a deadly combination. 🙂 Feel better soon.

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