mammogram update

Sorry so late – I was in the office today and it was kind of hectic. Here’s the low-down:

  • First I called my OB/GYN and told his nurse my situation. She said my OB recommends a 6 month wait (!!!!). I said thanks and hung up.
  • Next I called and left a message for my primary doctor. I spoke with her and she said there’s no reason to wait but that it’s at the discretion of the place. Sigh. She said I should call back and talk to her nurse to see if they could send me somewhere else that might do it.
  • So I then called and talked to her nurse. She said they only refer to the place I went. She thinks there’s another place attached to another nearby hospital, but I would need to call and see if they would do it and then get another prescription from my doctor.

I think my plan is to call the original place and reschedule for mid-May. If they ask, I’ll just tell them I was off on the dates and it had actually been 2 months when I was last in. So we’ll lose one month. Lame but better than 2 months gone. At this point I doubt I could even get in at another place sooner than that anyway (it took weeks to get my original appointment). So frustrating.


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3 responses to “mammogram update

  1. JDZ

    Did you try asking to skip the mammo and go straight to an ultrasound? This sounds like such a pain!

  2. VERY frustrating! I hope you’re able to work it out quickly and don’t lose too much time before you can start TTC again.

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