We heard a couple of weeks ago that Monkey has a spot confirmed at the co-op preschool down the street. Yay! He will start in the fall along with his buddy N who is 10 days younger than Monkey and is also from a two-mom family. We also heard that there is another two-mom family starting in the fall – how cool is that? I’m so glad to know his first school experience will be alongside other kids from families like his own. I also like the fact that parents are extremely involved with the school. Parents are required to work 1 day per week at the school, so we’ll be very active and get to know everyone there. School is in session Mon-Fri from 9AM-12PM. It is super inexpensive (see parental involvement piece above) and we can walk there from home. It is all outdoor with a few covered areas, so when it rains (a rarity here in SoCal), school is held in one of the parents’ homes. It seems like a very close-knit community and it is play-based, which I think is perfect for pre-school. They have several activies set up each day and kids can choose one or just play on the gym equipment or with blocks, read books, etc.

I feel like Monkey is doing so much lately that it’s hard to get it down in blog posts! He is talking a lot more, continues to be super cuddly and sweet, and is still an early bird (oy). Even though he’s up early (usually 4:30-5:00AM), he is sleeping through the night now that he’s weaned. He likes talking on the phone (especially FaceTime with Granny and Papa). This morning he cracked us up when he grabbed the phone and said, “Hello? Yes. [pause] Yes. [pause]. Fine. [pause]. Bye-bye!” BWAHAHAHAHA! His favorite book lately is Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do You See? He is really into numbers and can count to 20. He knows a lot of letters and colors. Monkey is just cruising right along with his 2-year-old self.



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7 responses to “school

  1. That school sounds great for you guys. I hope you love it.

  2. Sounds great! Wow! That didn’t seem hard at all! ( the school piece!) get your immune systems in top form because you will be exposed to lots more germs from all the kids and you don’t want to get sick. Advice from my friend whose child is also in a coop pre school.
    Monkey sounds like he is having so much fun. We love Brown Bear too!

  3. That does sound pretty awesome. Congrats on getting in! I agree, keeping up with blogging is hard these days! Plus our kiddos are going through so much (good and bad), it’s hard to keep up! 🙂

  4. Yay! Congratulations on getting into that school. It sounds great. You’re so lucky that it’s mainly outdoors. I think that’s so good for kids. You have the climate for it too!

  5. The school sounds great. Wish I had one around here. Its also amazing how they learn things and just keep on cruising along. How smart! 🙂

  6. This school sounds fantastic! Can we come too??

  7. How wonderful to have another couple to identify with during this first stage of education. I hope ya’ll have a lot in common.:)

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