re update

I finally called my RE and they just quoted me what it would cost for the FET cycle and assured me that my insurance provides some coverage (which I already knew). They didn’t address the HUGE December bill, but I guess I won’t worry about it? Here is what they quoted me for an FET cycle:

  • $2750: Labs, ultrasounds, FET, 2 betas
  • $500: Meds

Sounds fine, right? I am to call them when I get my period and we will get it going. OMG! Now let’s hope I don’t have some crazy long time between periods like I have in the past… Now that we’re on this track, I want to just do it!



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5 responses to “re update

  1. How exciting! Best of luck to you guys.

  2. sounds reasonable to me, ours was quite a bit more than that (i wonder why?!)

    whats the FET protocol?

    • I have no idea what the protocol is. I never knew the last time either. Sigh. I’ll know meds when I call in April, I guess. And I wonder why there would be a big cost difference in your FET and mine. Weird.

      Great news on the doubling beta!

  3. Hope you’re able to get started soon! Best of luck!

  4. Next in line

    Exciting times. I can’t wait.

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