baby on the brain

It’s so funny how ready I am to get on with TTC #2. I guess we made the right decision because I am much more excited than I am fearful (though there is a fair amount of that, too)! We have already been talking about names, looked through Monkey’s 0-3 month clothes box (tiny!), and started adding items we’ll need to a private Amazon baby registry. Crazy that there are actually things we need considering we had an awesome baby shower with Monkey as well as lots of great hand-me-downs from my cousin (her twin boys are 9 months older than Monkey). Who knows if we’ll have another shower (or “sprinkle” as the trend seems to be with 2nd/3rd/etc. babies), but at least we’ll have a list of the stuff we need regardless.

I need to call my RE and let them know we want to get going when I get my next period (end of April). I’ve been dragging my feet a bit because I also need to talk to their billing person as they billed us an insane amount for some testing we did back in December in case we wanted to TTC #2. Even my insurance co. was like WTH??? I never got a bill from my RE, so I assume he wrote off what wasn’t paid, but it was kind of scary to see. He moved into a new office since we had Monkey and I’m thinking he wants to pay off his shiny new digs and equipment. All I can say is I never saw a bill like that when we did an IVF, FET, and then had a C-section and 3 day hospital stay, so it was quite a shock. So, I need to figure that out and HOPE we don’t have to switch REs. That would suck and might set us back a month or two. Here’s hoping!

In Monkey news, he has gotten to a point where he doesn’t want to sleep in his crib at all at night. He used to go down in his crib for a couple of hours in the evening and then come to bed with us when we went in. Now he wakes after about an hour and won’t go back in the crib, but will go right to sleep in our bed. So we bought a bed rail and that seems to be working. We are thinking about getting a video monitor so we can check on him (and it might be handy with a new baby, too). Any recommendations?


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3 responses to “baby on the brain

  1. We use this one and it’s been fine:

    It’s on the cheaper end, but they’re all a tad pricey. It’s worth it to see if you can get new ones on ebay for cheaper, or some of the baby stuff discount websites, like babysteals (we got ours for $60 via babysteals when that deal popped up)

  2. i’m so, so, so excited for your #2!!! :~)

    hope you can get the finances figured out, maybe it was just a mistake/fluke?

    not sure about monkey & bedtime…feels like bedtime/sleep is an ever-changing problem in our home. just when you solve one problem, another one arises!

  3. chunkandmommy

    When Tiff left in the fall, I bought a bedrail as well because chunk’s sleeping habits were all over the place and it was easier (and less stressful) for me to just let him go to sleep in my bed and sleep there all night. I still have the bedrail installed (on her old side of the bed) and it is one that simply collapses if not in use, so I intend to keep it on for awhile, even though he is now sleeping back in his bed. Have you tired a special blankie, stuffed animal, etc to help him sleep? Chunk is now bonded with a Handy Manny doll and sleeps with him everynight. I never had a video monitor, so I am of no help there! Awesome news on ttc#2…. have to admit I am slightly jealous 🙂

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