random updates

Exactly one week to the day of Monkey’s very last nursing session, my period has arrived. For the record, I have not missed her.


Monkey napped for exactly 30 minutes today. Should be a fun afternoon!


I talked to my doctor about the possibility of pregnancy in regard to taking meds for high cholesterol. I found out that she can switch me to a different med that is okay for pregnant/nursing mothers. If we decide to go for it, that’s what we’ll do. For now, I’m going on Lipitor for 6 weeks and then retesting to see where my levels are. I’m hoping we make a call by then and at that point, I’ll either switch to the other drug and do an FET cycle or stay on Lipitor and close up the baby-making factory. No idea right this minute which it’ll be. Sigh.


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5 responses to “random updates

  1. Oh. Em. Gee. I nursed Ryan for sixteen months and got my period 6 WEEKS after giving birth!!

  2. Yeah, I’m jealous you went so long without seeing AF too! Mine came back about 10 months pp (when I night weaned).

    (softly chanting “FET, FET, FET!)

  3. Heidi Meyers

    have you tried fish oil? My mom got a high cholesterol reading, started taking fish oil and her next test was normal and ever since, with her daily fish oil, her readings have been normal. Same with my husband!

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