happy updates

This is a good news post, friends First, I had the biopsy on the thyroid nodule and got the call yesterday that it is benign. Whew! Now I’ll just have to have yearly thyroid ultrasounds to ensure that it stays that way, with the possibility of another biopsy down the road. Not looking forward to that again, but beats the alternative! It really wasn’t that bad – the anticipation was worse than the actual procedure. So, the thyroid appears to be all good.

Second, Monkey is officially weaned! I can’t believe it, but it’s true. He last nursed at bedtime on Wednesday night. Since then, he’s asked for “go-go” a couple of times but is totally fine when I tell him that go-go is night-night. I kept up with the night-night thing as I know it’s something he understands and I feel like it’s kinder and gentler than just telling him no more go-go, you know? Anyway, it has worked. While I’m happy to no longer have him attacking me for go-go round the clock, I am also sad that I’ll never again experience him on the breast, twirling my hair and gazing into my eyes. I feel like we are now almost completely past his baby stage. Once we have potty-trained, I’ll know we are truly done with Monkey’s babyhood. Tear.

Speaking of potty-training, we are going to tackle that using a 3-day method my pal J over at MommaOak alerted me to in a few weeks. We want to get a little further into post-weaning territory before springing another new thing on him, you know?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We’re celebrating by doing absolutely nothing on this dreary, rainy day πŸ™‚


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4 responses to “happy updates

  1. Yay, such good health news!

    And congrats on weaning. Sounds like it went as smoothly as possible. (We did it!!) πŸ™‚

    Let us know how the potty training goes. We are floundering there.

  2. Glad to hear the thyroid biopsy came back clear! What a relief that must be.

    Sounds like the weaning went well. I think having the “extended” breastfeeding relationship is so nice, but also presents other challenges, like this.

    Hope potty training goes equally as well! (I’ll have to read more about this three day method.)

  3. Nicole

    We did the 3 day and it worked great. I waited till my daughter was 3, which is older then they recommend . I guess I just thought she would train herself ha ha. Anyway we did have a harder time with #2. About on day 5 I saw her stand up while she was watching dor,a and poop. So I turned off d,ora and told her big girls do not poop in their pants. She never did it again except on an occasional accident. good luck

  4. so glad to hear it’s benign!

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