mama’s health update

I realized I never updated after my ENT doctor visit. It went fine and I know nothing more than I did before. He was very reassuring, saying that many people have nodules and most are benign. Even should the worst happen, cancer of the thyroid is slow-growing and typically can be handled by removing the thyroid. He said thyroid cancer is not like what you think of when you think of the big C word. So, I’m feeling okay about it. I go in on 3/15 for a biopsy just to make sure. Hoping it’s nothing, but feeling optimistic that even if it isn’t nothing, it’s not going to do me in. Eek!

I also have high cholesterol and need to get started on medication for that once I’ve finished weaning Monkey. You can’t be on the meds if you are bfing or PG, which has led to interesting conversations with DW. Along the lines of, “It’s looking like we won’t be having another baby, since you need to be on this medication and all. I’m not sure how I feel about that.” I don’t look at it that way. I will have a conversation with my doctor to see what would happen should we decide to move forward with TTC #2. I’m thinking I could see a nutritionist, get serious about excercising, and find natural ways to try to keep my cholesterol in check. And once I’m done with PG and nursing, I can always go back on the meds. Who knows. I can’t tell you how sick I am of thinking/stressing/wondering about the possibility of TTC #2. I’ll be so glad when the decision is made, one way or the other.


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6 responses to “mama’s health update

  1. Claire

    How high is your cholesterol? I got that result recently but because the two different kinds are under the threshold and only the combined is higher I have to change my diet but no meds. Not yet anyway. Is it hereditary in your family?
    We seem to be getting to that age…..
    Also good to hear you aren’t too worried about your thyroid. I know at least three people who have had it and had the thyroid removed and all is well. It’s still not fun, but not like any other cancer at all. Of course i’m hoping that all will be well and you won’t have to do anything.
    Also, about TTC #2 it sounds like DW is less keen than you? Good luck making that decision!

    • glamcookie

      I’m looking at the report now and it looks like my cholesterol levels are LDL-P 2537 (high risk range is >1300) and sdLDL is 55 (high risk range is >30). Sounds not so good, huh? My mom has high cholesteral and is on meds so yes, it is hereditary.

      I think DW and I are about on the same page in re: TTC #2. Totally unsure, but were leaning slightly more toward yes in recent months (hence the RE visit back in Dec.). Now that she thinks it might be off the table, I think she’s feeling like she wants it. We’ll see what happens. Where are you with thoughts on #2?

  2. Melissa in Durham

    You may already know some things thyroid related, but my wife had high cholesterol and the doc wanted to put her on medication for it. While she was on the strict diet trying to prevent going on medication, they discovered that her thyroid was underactive. Once the thyroid was corrected, her cholesterol went into a lower range. She still has high cholesterol, but it is not so high that she needs medicaiton. All that to say, maybe it is a thyroid issue causing the cholesterol to be high and if you can get that on track maybe you won’t need the medication.
    Good luck!

  3. Next in Line

    You have a lot going on! Best of luck with everything health related and deciding about number two.

    • Claire

      Hi glamcookie!
      We are theoretically on board for TTC # 2 but I need to get a full time job soon and we need to move. Also would be good to get health insurance to help defray the cost but not sure how realistic thst is. I would hope we could do an FET in the fall but it depends on a lot of things falling into place. We pretty much know it is going to be hell for the first ( or next ) 2 or 3 years but we have accepted that. Priority for us is giving Isobel a sibling – we have a small family and not a huge close community and we want them (!) to have each other and at least have the opportunity. I think without an impending fertility tx I would never wean Isobel!! I hate getting her upset! I know I know!
      Sorry about the cholesterol. Thst sounds high and if it’s hereditary it’s really hard to get it down. Good luck!

  4. so sorry things are bumpy, but hopefully it will all work out soon.

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