modeling and weaning update

For those who don’t have my password for protected posts, I posted a few weeks back about submitting Monkey to a local talent agency after seeing a friend on FB talk about doing so with her kids. It was a total spur-of-the-moment crazy decision, but I heard back within a few hours! They scheduled Monkey to come in and see them last Wednesday. Monkey and DW went in and the woman said he was too shy and not talkative enough to do commercials but that he could do print. Then she told DW that he’d need to be able to go to a room separate from her sometimes during a shoot. Um, nuh-and-uh. DW told her she wasn’t comfortable with that, and the woman then said something about there being a CA law that says children on sets must be within sight or hearing of a parent at all times. DW told her we’d discuss it and let her know. We researched a bit and talked a lot and decided that we’d go forward, but that at no point would Monkey ever be allowed out of DW’s sight on a set. So I sent the woman an email last Friday letting her know our decision. We heard back from her yesterday with a big old brush off, so I guess we were more trouble than we were worth. We’re fine with it – no way would I ever allow my 2-year-old (or my 3-4-5-6-etc.-year-old) to go into a separate room with strangers. I can’t believe anyone would be okay with that. Fortunately, we had absolutely nothing invested in this (emotionally, financially, or otherwise) so it’s totally fine. It was all done on a whim, and now I’m over it 🙂

We have (finally) started the process of day-weaning. Yesterday, Monkey nursed after his nap and then not again until bedtime. Today he nursed once in the morning and once after his nap. He will do so again at bedtime. You may recall that we were not on any sort of schedule, so this is step one – getting to 3 nursing sessions per day. I figure we’ll do this for 3 days or so and then drop the mid-day session. Monkey got pretty upset this morning when I wouldn’t let him nurse after his first nursing this morning. I just held him and hugged him and told him, “Go-go is night-night right now. You can have go-go again after naptime.” He cried for less than 10 minutes and then he accepted some graham crackers and water. My poor baby. I’ll keep you updated on how it progresses. I hope to be all done with b’fing in the next couple of weeks. Bittersweet.


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2 responses to “modeling and weaning update

  1. How smart of you to trust your gut about the modeling thing. I completely agree, the thought of leaving a small child in a room alone with a stranger, NO WAY!!!! Good luck with the weaning! Sounds like you and Monkey are moving right along 🙂

  2. Yeah, I agree with Amanada. Smart of you to trust your gut. Good luck with the weaning!

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