Hey, friends. Today I’m a little down in the dumps for a couple of reasons – one little and one that is hopefully nothing, but could be big (how’s that for a headline?). The little is that on a call this morning, we shared a local landmark that you would take visitors to in your city (there were people on the line from various countries). I said I’d take them to the Getty museum and talked about how beautiful it is and the great view of the city, yadda yadda. After everyone shared, my boss said we should post pics to our internal group of these cool locations. He said, “I’ll post one of my family at Disneyworld!” Almost immediately, I thought I could post one of our family shots from our Getty Christmas photo shoot. Then I thought, “No, I’ll just do one of the baby. I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable.” Then I felt like crap because it’s not cool that I should feel like posting a picture of my beautiful family would be controversial or make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Now for the hopefully-small-but-possibly-big reason for the gloom. I had a physical on Tuesday – my first in a few years. My new-to-me doctor felt my neck and said my thyroid was enlarged (actual shudder-worthy words were, “You have a goiter(!!!!!!). Did you know that?”). Doh! She acted like it was no big, went on with the exam and said I seemed very healthy. Then she sent me down the hall for my bloodwork. Well, the woman there proceeded to tell me that the doctor ordered an ultrasound to look at my thyroid. Doctor did not mention this to me. Had she, I would have asked some questions like:

  • Why? What are you looking for?
  • What are the possible issues?
  • Are you concerned or is this routine?

However, she did not, so I had no one to ask. I didn’t really think much of it, just scheduled my ultrasound and went about my day. I had the ultrasound this morning and it was a little alarming. First, it went on for what seemed like a long time (30 minutes) and they switched techs in the middle, which made me feel like they found something and wanted a more experienced tech to take the pictures. I noticed them taking measurements (I know what that looks like after all of those ultrasounds with the follicle measurements) and asked what they were measuring. I was told that they can’t talk to me about anything since they are not doctors. That they simply take the pictures and send them to radiology, where they write up the results and report them back to the doctor. So, now I wait until Monday to hear the results. It’s probably nothing, no big deal, but I’m feeling anxious about it.

Now for the upbeat: we are going to Disneyland the day after tomorrow! Woohoo!


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6 responses to “gloomy

  1. Jdz

    Don’t let the u/s techs make you worry. I’ve had non-baby/TTC scans and they’re always so serious about what they do and take a millIon pictures and measure all of them endlessly.
    Curious to know if you had your thyroid tested while TTC? I think I had mine done but long after the initial fertility clinic testing. I only ask because thyroid issues can make TTC harder. It may be a huge blessing that you are finding this out now so it can get sorted out before trying again.

  2. Jdz

    Oh and Disneyland. Please take a million pictures and post them all, ok? I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

    • glamcookie

      Thanks for the reassuring 🙂 I am feeling less anxious. As far as I know, I did not have my thyroid tested while TTC, so maybe this did play a part in my infertility issues. Interesting.

      As for D’land, there will be a bazillion pics knowing my wife. And you’re FB friends with Monkey, right? Cause they’ll all be there for sure (and some here, too, of course). I’m hoping he does okay on the dark rides cause I want to go on Pirates! DISNEYLAND!!!!!

  3. Most people I know with thyroid issues have been able to control it easily through medication. Hopefully your ultrasounds come back clear, but even if they don’t, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to have your thyroid removed or anything drastic. My fingers will be crossed for you.

    Also, if I were you I’d just post my favourite photos to your work site. If those are the ones of Monkey solo, fine; but if they’re your family photos post those. Some people may be offended, others may find them beautiful or even be inspired to be more open about their own families because of it. The attitude I’ve grown into is that seeing families that are different is the first step towards accepting families that are different. I also recognize that I exist in a country/city/work environment where I overall “safe” to be out.

    Have fun in Disneyland. I hear it’s magical! 😉

  4. Ditto on most thyroid problems being able to be controlled with medication. My mom went through something similar and is fine. Still, it’s totally understandable to be scared and I’m sorry. Disney is a great distraction!

  5. RDR

    Okay, just read this. Hoping all is well, please update us when you get a chance.

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