night weaning: last official update

This is the final post in my night-weaning series. See also night 1, night 2, night 3, night 4, night 5, night 6, night 7, and night 8. And a new update from June here.

Well, friends, I would say we have officially night-weaned, given that Monkey hasn’t nursed overnight for 10 nights and he doesn’t cry for it at this point. His sleep has also improved significantly, though there is still room for improvement. Our last couple of nights have been about like this:

  • 7PM: Bed (this has become our official night-night time, no matter how the nap went).
  • ~9PM: Baby awake, unable to go back to sleep, family goes to bed (this is an area we hope improves with time).
  • 4-4:30AM: Baby awake, goes back to sleep within 20-30 minutes (this is the other area we hope improves with time).
  • ~6:30AM: Up for the day.

Pretty good, right? It used to be nursing at least twice in the night and up for the day between 4-5AM. I’ll take it! Bottom line: Night weaning is a success.

Next up: Weaning completely (sob). My plan is to regulate nursing so that it happens once in the morning, once after nap, and then at bedtime. Then start dropping them, bedtime being the last to go. I’m open to any tips for those of you who have completed weaning.


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6 responses to “night weaning: last official update

  1. yay!!!!! what great progress! good job mama! 🙂

  2. Next in line

    Much better!! Wow. What a tough stretch. I hope that it continues to improve. More sleep is always good.

  3. tbean

    Glad things have finally gotten better for you guys. I just weaned and actually JUST wrote about it today. Not sure if any of it will be helpful to read since our circumstances are pretty different but it was easier than I thought it would be so hopefully Monkey will be ready for it as well.

  4. That’s so great! Hooray for everyone sleeping better 🙂 I haven’t even made a plan about weaning during the day so I will be following your journey with interest. Good luck!

  5. i’m thinking about at least partially weaning bunny while off work this summer so i don’t lose quality time with him while also weaning. it makes me anxious to think about it, but i’ll be saving this series of posts to refer back to.

    oh, these clingy little boys.

  6. Claire

    Wow! What stamina! I’m so impressed with you all!!!

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