night weaning: night 5

Night 5 in my night-weaning series. See also night 1, night 2, night 3, and night 4.

Well, I’m sorry to say it is not improving. However, we are ready to move to the next step – no walking to sleep or getting out of bed in the night when Monkey wakes up. I made the (bad) call to start this at one of his wakings last night, but we are now ready to do it starting tonight. Here’s how our night went:

  • 7PM: Bedtime
  • 8:30PM: Baby woke up, DW walked him around and tried twice to get him back down and was unsuccesful. I tried once and failed. So we all went to bed. (First no Downton Abbey on Sunday, and now he interrupts Pretty Little Liars! Does this child not know not to mess with Mamas during our shows???? Ha! We’ll have our evenings back someday, right?)
  • 11:30PM: Baby woke up, DW walked him around and got him back to sleep.
  • 1:15AM: Baby woke up, DW walked him around and tried twice to get him to sleep. Nope. So she got up with him. I was wide awake so I went into the living room at 1:45AM and announced that we should put him in bed and make him stay there until he went to sleep. DW went along, but hates when I change the plan mid-stream like that. We put him in bed and told him it was night-night time, moon is up, etc. He cried hard and scooted all over the bed for about 15 minutes, then stopped crying but just sat upright in bed. Finally at around 3AM he laid down next to me and went to sleep.
  • 4:45AM: Baby awake. We kept him in bed, he cried for a bit and refused to go back to sleep. I told DW to get him up at 6AM. She didn’t like this as we had been telling him he couldn’t get up until the sun was up and it wasn’t light yet, but I just had to grab some shut-eye before my 9AM presentation. We had a brief argument about it – Happy Valentine’s Day!

So that’s where we stand. No nursing happened, but quite a bit of crying and very little sleep also happened (or didn’t happen, as the case may be). Tonight we will begin standing firm during night wakings that we do not get out of bed. We will work with Monkey today to let him know what to expect tonight (something we didn’t do yesterday since I made the call in the middle of the night). I expect more crying and little sleep tonight, but hope that in a couple more days, he is sleeping better at night. Honestly, I feel like we should have done this part many months ago (no getting out of bed during night hours). It isn’t the same as crying it out (again, no judgement on this – just something we weren’t comfortable doing) since we are right there with him while he cries, and he just really needs to learn to sleep. He’s needed to learn it for a long LONG time now. I guess it took this long for us to be ready to make the change. Wish us luck!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ll do a separate protected picture post of my sweet Monkey in his V-Day tee ❤


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6 responses to “night weaning: night 5

  1. CJ

    Ok, I’m confused. Is he in your bed? Or in his own crib? I’m TOTALLY not judging! Cheeks is fifteen months old and we were SO close to being night weaned and then she got sick. So, we’re kind of where you are. I could never just let her cry it out in her crib, but having her IN bed with us (actually, on her own mattress next to ours) makes it so hard to NOT just whip out a boob, give her a few ounces and go back to sleep!

    • glamcookie

      He is in our bed. Starts the night in his crib and naps in his crib, but comes to bed with us when we go to bed. And yes, it is hard to not just give in and nurse. We decided to night wean because he wakes to nurse a lot in the night, which leaves DW and I as zombies every day. Also, the dentist told us on Monday that we have to stop the night nursing to avoid cavities. He doesn’t have any now, but it’s a definite concern.

      • CJ

        Ok, thanks for clearing that up for me! Cheeks only wakes 2-3 times per night and, to be honest, I barely wake up so I don’t lose any sleep. But a night of not waking sounds SOOO good!

  2. Good luck. I can imagine how exhausted you both (/all) must feel! Hope you see a change soon!

    P.S. Did you change your password? I can’t seem to get in to your protected posts anymore. Maybe you can resend it to me?

  3. I am so sorry this is not an easier process for you. I think it’s a good call to make night time just for sleeping. Your smart monkey will get it soon, I am sure. I hope for you & DW that it happens before you drop from exhaustion! I don’t have your password either. would you send to kgsavoie…gmail? Thanks!

  4. Dear Monkey,
    I hear that you like to play with your mums during the nighttime hours, but sweet boy, they are tired. Very, very tired. Please do them a favor and sleep tonight. If you do, I bet they’ll have extra energy to play with and dote on you in the morning. Give it a try, you may like sleeping all night too. 🙂

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