blocked milk duct – halp!

I can’t believe I’ve gotten through 24 months of nursing with no problems and now of all times I have a blocked milk duct! My right (super producer) breast has a large area above the nipple that is hard as a rock and painful when touched. I’ve tried expressing milk in a hot shower (no go), have had Monkey nurse more often and in various positions on the breast (again, no go), and am applying a hot moist washcloth to the area. Anyone have more suggestions for me? I put a call in to my OB and they told me to watch it and it there is no improvement by tomorrow or if I spike a fever anytime before then that I’ll need to be seen immediately. I am terrified that this will end in mastitis 😦



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3 responses to “blocked milk duct – halp!

  1. JDZ

    My friend was vibrating out her blocked milk ducts. I remember this because, well, we had a good laugh about it.
    I briefly googled it and it looks like other people have done this too.

  2. twobabes

    I breastfed twins for a year and only had this happen once but when it did, it totally freaked me out. I went to my local breastfeeding center and bought these:$p-26/warm-or-cool-relief-packs.aspx. I heated them up (very hot) and kept them on my breast. I was at work, so I pumped several times, and when I got home, I used a hair brush to massage. It was gone within a few hours. Good luck.

  3. Missed this, but soaping up the breast in the shower and rubbing a comb down it all on all sides, towards the nipple, can help smooth over clogs and release them. Glad yours unclogged!

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