2 year molars

(I so wanted to add UGH!!!!! to that title.) Today is our first good day with Monkey in about a week. He is getting all four of his 2 year molars and it has been awful lately. We were up in the night for hours with him for about 5-6 nights in a row (finally caught a break on that one last night). It got so bad that the night before last, I was in tears on the couch with him watching TV at 2AM.

As bad as that has been, I know poor Monkey has been in serious discomfort. His gums are all red and swollen and we’ve had a little bleeding when brushing teeth, too. He ran a low-grade fever for about 4 days, refused to eat much of anything, and had some bowel issues to boot. He’s been crazy clingy and nursing more than he did as a newborn (so that whole weaning thing is on the back burner for now). He’s also been crabby, grumpy, and aggressive, especially toward me. I can’t tell you how many times in the last week I’ve been hit, kicked, bitten, head-butted, or had my hair pulled. It is SO hard to keep your cool when you’re going on very little sleep, you’re being constantly hurt, and you’ve got a toddler on your breasts 24/7. Christmas was not very pleasant for us this year, unfortunately, though Monkey got a ton of great stuff and I know he had moments of fun (as did we).

On the plus side, I’ve been reading lots on 2 year molars and have seen many people reference the fact that sleep got much better than it had ever been once they are in. Keep your fingers crossed, friends!

I will do a more upbeat Christmas post soon, but wanted to share the misery in case others of you are in the same boat.



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5 responses to “2 year molars

  1. So sorry you are going through this!! I am also glad I am not the only one who has had a rough Christmas… I swear, I was about to give Liam some coal from Santa!!! haha Yeah, not quite a happy celebration when you’ve got a grouchy toddler to deal with, so I totally understand! Hope you have a better new year’s celebration!

  2. Teething is the worst. Those poor kids – and their poor parents, too! Hope you are all back to sleeping soundly soon.

  3. I’m so sorry. This sounds like a nightmare (one I’m sure I’ll be having soon). Hope it gets better soon, Mama! Hugs!

  4. Not more teeth! Eeeeek! That sounds brutally hard. Fingers crossed good sleep is coming.

  5. Sounds so rough- damn those molars! At least those are the last teeth for a long time.

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