ten lords a-leaping

Topic: Achievements of 2011
I think the biggest achievement is simply making it through the year considering Monkey’s terrible sleeping habits 🙂 I’m only half kidding! A personal top achievement is getting a new position at work. I was really unhappy and just done with the work I was doing in my old department, so getting the opportunity to do something new and exciting while also working from home 99% of the time is just huge. I’m also so thankful that I was able to keep my salary so DW could continue to be a SAHM. That was really important to us, so I’m just thrilled we are making it happen.
Other than that, I can’t think of anything out of the ordinary. We are all healthy and happy and together and for that, I’m grateful. Bring on 2012!


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2 responses to “ten lords a-leaping

  1. Next in Line

    I agree. It is amazing what you have done given Monkey’s sleeping habits!

  2. Claire

    You are super moms despite all those sleepless nights! Hope next year brings twice as much joy!

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