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Topic: Gifts galore

Yeah, it really is gifts galore around these parts. I think we went a bit overboard this year, but Monkey is still young so there is time to correct that without him knowing it. It’s so hard to keep it in check when you have the money and desire to go nuts. I remember gifts spilling out all over the room when I was a kid and how completely magical it was. I’d like that for Monkey, but maybe without quite so much stuff. It’s also hard when his birthday is 4 days before Christmas. It’s a giftapalooza over here, y’all.

One thing my parents did that I don’t want to do is give so much from Santa. I remember most of my gifts were from Santa and I had maybe two small things from my parents. I want Monkey to know that we pay attention to his requests and for him to be grateful rather than simply take it for granted because “Santa brought it.” Not to mention I want the credit for the big gift! I’m thinking two or so gifts from Santa and the rest from Mommy and Mama. Those of you who are doing Santa, how are you planning to handle this? I like the Santa thing and had a ton of fun with it as a child, so I don’t want to minimize that. Surely there’s a balance.

All that said, I’m sick to death of most of Monkey’s toys and am looking forward to new stuff to play with!


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2 responses to “six geese a-laying

  1. JDZ

    It’s Giftapolooza at our house too and we’re really struggling with Santa vs Momma/Mommy vs Birthday presents because we didn’t buy any categorically.
    I guess we’re going to have to sort them
    but to be honest I feel like Christmas is going to be more Santa presents and birthday will be Momma/Mommy presents. I barely remember non-Santa gifts as a kid (from my mom). I should ask her how she handled it!

  2. Little Monster’s birthday is 20 days before Christmas and so we are in the SAME boat over here….add in aunts, uncles, grandparents, great grandparents, godparents, and family friends that LOVE our little guy and it is like gifts out the ass the whole month of December! We too went “overboard” this year and look at it the same way you do..there is still time to correct it and there REALLY is something magical about all those gifts flowing out from under the tree come Christmas morning. We are AVID Santa supporters, even the adults in our life know our motto is “If you do not believe you do not receive” 😉 but at the same time we do not want to set up a situation of the little guy thinking/believing that he can trot up to Santa at the beginning of December with a list a mile long and expecting to get it all and so we started, with his FIRST Christmas (even though he was only 3 weeks old) the tradition that Little Monster gets ONE gift, a nice big gift, but still only one, from Santa. The rest are from Mommies and everyone else. I even went as far as buying a box of identical Santa gift tags (enough to do us until he goes to college, LOL) to put on his Santa gift every year. Santa’s gift is also the only gift that is not wrapped come Christmas morning…because I mean Santa does not have the time to make, deliver, AND wrap all those toys, hehe. All other presents are wrapped and under the tree and the Santa gift is sitting alone with a big red bow and the Santa tag. Last year it was a Radio Flyer Coupe Convertible and this year it is going to be a Playhouse. I am excited to see when he will start to “remember” from year to year and anticipate with eagerness the following year.

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