12 day challenge

I know I said my next post would be all about Monkey, but first, I’d like to participate in An Offering of Love’s 12 day holiday challenge! Expect a post later in the day with my Monkey status 🙂

A Partridge in a Pear Tree (12/14)
Topic: Trees (Christmas/Solstice)

We love Christmas and always have, even pre-Monkey (kind of funny for a couple of atheists). We used to get a live tree every year and DW’s dad would come and help us get it in the stand and all that jazz. Then DW’s parents got an artificial tree and we felt bad asking for help with our live tree since they switched to ditch the hassle of dealing with a live tree. So we got an artificial tree many years back. In some ways, it’s better – we can put it up early and not worry about keeping it alive through Christmas. Gone are the days of the leaning live tree. I do miss going to the tree lot and picking one out, as well as that lovely pine scent. Last year, I bought a wreath from a local lot and think I’ll continue that tradition.

Our first artificial tree was a cheapie and had all white lights. We didn’t have the money back then to justify a lush large tree with colored lights, which is our preference. A few years ago, we invested in a gorgeous 8 ft. tree (featured in this old post, with bonus preggo me) with colored lights and it makes us very happy to finally have it just the way we want. We are ornament lovers (our tree is ridiculously loaded with them) and tend to buy them while on vacation. That started out as a happy accident, but we found that it was such fun to remember past travels as we decorated the tree each year that we began actively searching out ornaments in the locales we visited. We have ornaments from London, Boston, New York, South Carolina, Florida, and various cities up and down the California coast. Some of the ornaments have funny stories that accompany them, others just great memories.

We kind of do a themed tree – woodland animals. These are the ornaments we always found ourselves drawn to, so we went with it. We have tons of birds, deer, bears, bunnies, moose, squirrels, etc. Mixed in are lots of snowmen, Santas, and sweet wooden ornaments with a vintage feel. A few anomolies find their way to the tree just because we love them (the Fu Manchu man glass ornament, a few monkeys). We used to put up a smaller tree in our bedroom that was going to be all snowmen, but we are out of room for that at the moment. One day…

This year (and last) we only put unbreakable ornaments on the tree since Monkey loves to touch the tree and anything on its branches. We fill the lower half with plush ornaments that he is welcome to remove and replace, which he does often. The upper half has unbreakables that we aren’t so keen on letting him have his way with. And all of our glass ornaments are safely packed away. It will be such fun to rediscover them when the time is right!

I know I used this pic before (and it’s my current header pic), but I love it so much i want to share it again. We put the tree up in late-November one night after Monkey had gone to bed. This is him discovering it the next morning ❤


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3 responses to “12 day challenge

  1. I really love that picture, and am pleased to see it made your blog header! It feels so warm and magical.

  2. i just LOVE that picture…magical! that is sort of what i was trying to capture with my girls last night, but i couldn’t make it work…

  3. CJ

    That photo is just beautiful! It’s perfect for this time of the year!

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