dream house

First up, we had to move our RE appt. from tomorrow to next Tuesday morning. Oh, the anticipation!

I’ve been dreaming lately of when we get to move into a house with actual room for all of our things! And on that note, I thought it’d be fun to list our requirements versus nice-to-haves. What is on your list?

Must have

  • Separate, reasonably sized laundry room (not the closet in the kitchen we have now – must hold cat litter box!)
  • 3 bedrooms (master, Monkey, office/guest room)
  • Decently sized backyard (room for swingset and general playing)
  • Two-car garage attached to house (so sick of schlepping groceries up stairs or on the elevator and having to use a key to open a door from the garage to the downstairs lobby)
  • Lots of storage!
  • Good school district (duh)
  • Not on a busy street (our condo faces a busy street and we can never have our sliding glass doors open as it’s way too noisey)
  • Single story (ranch-style, no stairs)
  • Bedrooms located together (at least, the master and one bedroom should be next to each other)

Nice to have

  • Mud room in which to store sports equipment, strollers, misc. stuff that goes outside
  • 4 bedrooms (this might become a must have if another baby makes an appearance, especially a baby of the girl variety as I don’t think I’d have a problem with brothers sharing for a while – would it be weird for young bro/sister to share? hmmm….)
  • Pool/spa (we use the one at our condo so much, it would be nice to have it in a new place, though by no means a necessity)
  • Patio area that is screened in or that could be screened in
  • Located on a cul-de-sac

Wish we could move right now…

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  1. all of that sounds lovely! i wish we could move right now too!

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