Well, sorry I missed yesterday, folks. Figured I’d jump back in today with a few cute things Monkey has done/said recently.

  • The other morning, I woke up and Monkey was awake and whispering something. I watched and listened. He was pointing to me and whispering, “Mama.” Then he was pointing at DW and whispering, “Mommy.” Just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
  • The other day, DW was singing a bit of a song from Yo Gabba Gabba. She sang, “So be careful cause – we don’t want our balloon to…” Then Monkey would chime in with, “Pop!” ❤
  • Monkey loves bees (at least, pictures of bees). When he spots one, he joyfully calls out, “BEE!” The other night, he pointed to the ceiling in our bedroom in the night and yelled, “BEE!” The light coming through the blinds was casting a yellow and black striped pattern on the ceiling. Smart boy!


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2 responses to “babyisms

  1. I loves the first one! So so cute!
    As for the MIL, I think it’s such a hard situation for both of you.
    (you and DW)
    I think one of the best pieces advice I ever got about dysfunctional family members is to never expect them to change their ways, despite any situation. So she is still going to be demanding and annoying whether you have one child or three, whether you are sick or well, whether you are rich or poor. Just because you need her to step up to the plate to help you, doesn’t mean she can do it. I know that sounds really depressing, but if we stop expecting a different result from the people who have been pulling this kind of shit for years, then I think it can be freeing. Because then you have no expectations and can really set your boundaries and limits.
    But it’s hard because DW is always going to feel more pulled and guilty than you. And you’re just going to be pissed off with both of them. I think the PPs have some good ideas too.
    I’m really sorry you are dealing with this. Yes, we are the sandwich generation. My MIL is in a nursing home 600 miles away, so it’s a very occasional relationship, and she is actually fun so I count my blessings. Good luck!

  2. Very cute! So nice when they use the differentiating words for moms 🙂

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