birthday/christmas gifts

We’ve been figuring out what to get Monkey for his birthday (12/21) and Christmas, so I thought I’d post our ideas and see what you all are planning to get. The toy store in our mall has one of these shopping carts and Monkey LOVES it.

So we have that on the list and are planning an IKEA trip to buy “food” to put in it.

We also discovered that he enjoys wagon rides at all of the pumpkin patches we visited, so we’re also considering this Radio Flyer wagon:

He has a Thomas train set that we are planning to add to, so DW wants to get him this train table:

Yeah, these are all rather high-ticket items, so we plan to get one for his birthday and one for Christmas and my parents will most likely pick up the third (I’m thinking they’ll get him the wagon). Then there are a few small items (Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars, which he LOVES, a couple of Green Toys trucks, some additions to his Thomas train set). If you’re interested in the any of the above pictured items, just click the picture and you’ll go to the site where it is the cheapest 🙂 DW did her homework.

So what are your kids getting this holiday season?


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4 responses to “birthday/christmas gifts

  1. Jdz

    I have to comment on the train table as we have one… they’re impossibly large. So large that ours is thisclose to hitting crai.gslist.
    Just a warning because their size is deceptive when you see them in toy/book stores vs your home. (; Big and UGLY.

    We have most of S’s presents already. She’s getting a FP garage/ramp, match box cars, A Christmas Thomas and Percy, clothes for her doll, a giant colouring book, set of blocks, playdoh and a bunch of books.
    Her BDay? Oy Vey. I have NO idea!

    Btw, have you seen the Mel.issa and food sets? They are sooo cool. They have one that is Sushi! (;

  2. Jac

    The train tables are pretty huge!! I bought one and initially underestimated it’s size! So we decided we are going to make it our coffee table in the living room as well as Liam’s play table! (The one I got has a reversible top) I think he will love it! The huge table is his bday gift from us, as well as a wooden train set and probably a few books.

    For Christmas, we are getting him a toddler bed. Still don’t know what Santa is bringing. Maybe he will ask for a bike or something… not sure.

  3. K

    We got E that same shopping cart shortly after his second birthday and he still loves it. He fills it up with all sorts of random things and pushes it from room to room with him. It is really well made. I’m sure Monkey will love it!

    Instead of the fancy (read: giant) train table… My dad made one for E out of a sheet of heavy wood (rounded the corners and sanded the whole thing within an inch of its life so it’s super smooth) that he attached four short legs to the bottom of. It’s about 1/2 the size of the bigger tables, which is perfect because E can reach the middle from all sides with ease, and yes, my dad made it, but it was simple enough that we could have done it ourselves. It just would have taken us longer. LOL!

    E also has a wagon that has come in soooo handy many times. I think they are all great gifts!

  4. We looked at the same shopping cart, because our little guy isn’t walking on his own yet and we thought it’d be a good gift to grow with him (push toy now/imaginative toy later). He does have a Fisher Price walker toy that we got a garage sale though, so we may fore go the shopping cart. Alternately, we have been looking at a radio flyer wagon, but the little push one, figuring we can store stuffed animals in it too. We’re not 100% sure yet.

    We will definitely get him a toy doll with a stroller. I would also like to get him some nice wooden blocks. Winter accessories have already been purchased as a pre-Christmas gift. We have a good bit of Melissa and Doug stuff on our wish list for him –shape sorter, puzzles, etc. Oh, and a tunnel! He had so much fun playing with one at his friend’s house.

    Next year, when he’s closer to Monkey’s age I would like to buy him a nice wooden barn, like the John Deere one and some Schleich animals to go with it, but a lot could change between now and then and we’ll have to see what he’s into at that point.

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