I didn’t realize until today that November is Nablopomo, and since I actually did post on November 1, I’m going to try to participate. So hopefully you’ll get daily posts from me this month. Whether or not they will excite you, on the other hand…

Monkey has been up for the day at 4:30AM for about 5 days now. We were getting used to 5-6AM being the normal wake time, but what can you do? Our attempts to get him on a regular sleep schedule have failed. He is so crazy tired by 10-10:30AM that it seems cruel to force him to stay awake. Guess we’ll just wait and see what happens.

To the commenter who asked, Monkey thoroughly enjoyed trick or treating. He loves steps and knocking on doors so this was truly his holiday 🙂 He didn’t really care about getting candy, which works out since we didn’t want to give him any. Mommy was smart and brought along a pack of Annie’s Bunnies so that when he did attempt to eat a candy bar (with the packaging still on), she pulled out a bunny for him and he was more than satisfied. Bunnies and stickers are our go-to “treats” to get him to get in the stroller, carseat, etc. when he just isn’t having it.

Monkey is really talking up a storm lately. He is picking up words all the time, though others might not understand some of them. Like Ganka vs. gonkin, for example. That would be Bianca and pumpkin. Haha! It is crazy cute and I love how he picks up the inflection in our voices when he mimics. Ridiculously adorable.

My wife is making chocolate chip cookies, the baby is napping, and I am working/blogging. Life is good.

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