breastfeeding boo!

I didn’t participate in yesterday’s Blog Carnival, but  limited television, sweets, and not always organic would be on that list of “shame.” Not really ashamed, though, as I believe in moderation. Having a sweet treat on occasion is part of the fun of life 🙂 And who doesn’t want a little Yo Gabba Gabba or Sesame Street now and then?

I officially have my “strangest place I have ever nursed.” The cemetery! We went to a Day of the Dead celebration at Hollywood Forever cemetery on Saturday (so flippin’ cool!). Monkey was Cranky with a capital C, so I found a quiet, secluded spot by a tree and whipped out a breast. I think that will rank as our #1 weirdest nursing locale, don’t you? (P.S. I would have gone to the car but it was parked FAR away.)


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3 responses to “breastfeeding boo!

  1. Nursing in a cemetery, good one. I guess before it used to be ‘where’s the weirdest place you’ve had sex?’ and now it’s ‘where’s the weirdest place you’ve nursed?” lol

  2. Love it! I think the oddest place I ever nursed was hundreds of feet underground in Luray Caverns, VA (while on a walking tour, with Bird in the ergo!)

  3. Love it!! And our “sugar-free/tv-free” lifestyle is more of a “very-low” consumption of both. It’s true – treats are delightful 🙂

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