We survived traveling across the country with a toddler! Not only that, we had a great time. Cast of characters included Granny and Papa (my parents), Aunt Lynda (my dad’s sister), my brother, SiL, niece (6), nephew (4), and 2nd cousin (13 – Lynda is her Granny). Bullets:

  • We left last Sunday. There was a 30 minute drive to LAX (we got a carseat-equipped Town car), a 2 hour flight from LAX-Detroit, a 1 hour layover, a 4 hour flight from Detroit-Charleston, SC, and a 45 minute drive from Charleston-Edisto. Monkey did very very well. He slept for almost an hour on the first flight and then was entertained by the iPad (Yo Gabba Gabba eps and apps), the big bag of cheap toys, and many snacks the rest of the time. There were some tough moments, but no major meltdowns or anything. Definitely doable.
  • Monday was the 4th. My dad decorated a wagon to pull the kids (Monkey and my niece and nephew) in the local children’s parade. Monkey was a bit clingy and wouldn’t get in the wagon. We walked around in the crazy humid heat (OMG!) and then went back to the house and down to the beach. Monkey LOVED the beach. He wanted to run right into the waves. We took him in the water for a bit with us and he loved it. He played and later sat in my lap, nursed (sand and milk – yum!), and fell asleep for his afternoon nap under the umbrella. Mamas had a nice time chatting with the relatives and drinking a Bud Light Lime.
  • Tuesday was another beach day. My aunt and uncle came for a couple of nights. We spend the day playing on the beach and Monkey took a marathon beach nap – 2 hours! That night we took a walk on the beach with flashlights and watched Pretty Little Liars with my little cousin.
  • Wednesday we tried to go over to Botany Bay, but it was high tide so we didn’t get down to the shore. Monkey had a freak out as he wanted out of the car, so we drove through and cut it short. We definitely want to go back there next year and really explore. Ended up on the beach for the afternoon/early evening. The adults played Apples to Apples when the kids went to bed.
  • Thursday we originally planned to go to Savannah for a day trip, but after Monkey’s meltdown the day before I thought it wasn’t the best idea. Instead, we left Monkey with Granny and Papa and the rest of us went to the Edisto Serpenterium. Creepy! We checked out snakes, lizards, and gators. Then Mamas and my Aunt and little cousin went out for lunch. Afterward it was back to the beach for more sand and surf.
  • Friday we came home. We had the 45 minute drive from Edisto-Charleston (Monkey had a short nap during this) and ate lunch in the airport. Then it was a 1.5 hour flight from Charleston-Atlanta (with an additional 40 minutes sitting on the runway – argh), hardly any layover due to the delay in Charleston, a 4 hour flight from Atlanta-LAX (Monkey slept for over 2 hours!), and a 45 minute drive from LAX-home. Monkey did great! He lost it on the plane about 15 minutes out of LA – who could blame him? That was the only bad part and since it was almost over, it wasn’t so terrible.
To sum up, we had a blast. Monkey was a bit over-tired and over-stimulated, but overall he had a great time. He was big with the biting (OUCH) and did throw a few fits, which is out of character for him. I am now talking with DW about possibly moving South at some point. Are we insane for thinking about that those of you who live down there? Major plus: Tons of family support, way better cost of living. Major downside: No recognition of us as a family, loss of our gay family network out here. We’ll see…
Protected picture post to come!


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7 responses to “vacation

  1. Overall it sounds like an awesome vacation! We’re still enjoying ours, and while lots of fun is being had, we can tell The Bean is a bit off his game. It’s definitely nice to spend time with grandparents and other extended family that we don’t get to see often though.

    Would you mind sending me your password so I can check out your upcoming picture post? Thanks. 🙂

    • glamcookie

      Hey Allison 🙂 I tried sending you the password through your Contact Us link on your blog but the word verification wouldn’t work (argh). Email me at gloomcookie5 at yahoo dot com and I’ll send it to you.

  2. Claire

    I know I used to know your password but it’s been a while. Hmmmm…
    Your vacay sounds wonderful! Travelling with a kid is stressful isn’t it? It sounds like you all figured it our though!
    I get so ecstatic when Isobel takes a long nap while we are out of town ( wouldn’t call it a vacation!!) We are in KC visiting relatives. Glad to go home tomorrow. 8 hour train ride no fun but I guess we are in training for our 8 hour flight to England in a few weeks!!!
    It must be hard having family living in such a beautiful but sometimes bigoted place. I see the attraction of moving closer to them though….. Hmmmm….
    Glad you all had such a good time. The beach sounds great. And breast feeding and sand – been there done that! It’s odd to say the least:)

  3. pomegranate

    Sounds perfect!

  4. It appears I don’t have your password. May I?
    You survived your trip! And it sounds like a lot of fun was had, too, yay! I couldn’t move south and give up what rights we have, but I know everyone’s priorities are different.

  5. Next in line

    Can you send me your password please?

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