18 month status

Yeah, so I totally fell of the June non-challenge wagon. Sorry about that, folks. Monkey got a terrible cold a week ago and now that he is all better, Mama and Mommy have been struck down. I can’t sleep because I can’t breathe, so I thought I’d blog a bit. A lot going on lately.

Monkey had his 18 month check up this week. He saw another ped as ours is out of the country currently. Monkey is 24 lbs (I think he lost a bit of weight due to the cold – he barely ate all week and would only nurse) and 33 1/2″. Tall and thin, that’s my Monkey. The ped recommended getting him evaluated for possible speech delay, but I don’t think we are going to at this point. He is engaged, totally understands what we say, and has about 10 words. I think it’s a bit soon to get worked up about it personally. I also doubt our regular ped would find it problematic. I’m not going to go all hyper Mama on this. My kid is smart and healthy and my mother’s intuition tells me that he’s doing just fine. DW feels the same way.

I have a lead on a possible new position at work. There is a new team forming and I expressed an interest in being on it. The guy leading it was very enthusiastic. Now I just have to talk to my current boss (gulp) and hope she sees it in a positive light. She is generally very supportive of career growth/opportunities, but due to a recent reorg, I know she is feeling a bit crazed. Wish me luck as I think this would be a very good thing.

We leave for our first plane trip with Monkey on Sunday. We have so much to do tomorrow, it’s not even funny. Sick baby + sick Mamas = no time to prepare. Oh well – we are just going to lay on a beach for 4 days so packing shouldn’t be too difficult. On this trip, Monkey will meet his two cousins, uncle, aunt (my SiL), great aunt, and 3rd cousin (my 1st cousin’s kid would be Monkey’s 3rd cousin, right?) for the first time. Pretty exciting! It will be DW’s first time at the yearly family beach trip. Here’s hoping all goes well. I know Monkey will have a blast. He’s old enough to really enjoy running the beach and I think he will.

Happy 4th to those who celebrate it!


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4 responses to “18 month status

  1. pomegranate

    Good luck with the work opportunity. Meanwhile, have a great vacation!

  2. Jdz

    Exciting stuff at work!

    I hope you guys are feeling better and have a great vacation. Please report back on the plane ride. (; I’d love to hear how it goes.

  3. Claire

    Wow he is so tall!!!! 7 inches and 7 lbs more than Isobel!
    Hope you all feel better soon!
    Great news about the new job prospect! I hope you get it! Don’t let a crazed boss hold you back!

  4. Whoa…a possible speech delay at 18 months when he has 10 words and understands what you’re saying? That ped is wacko. Monkey is doing GREAT!
    Good luck with work and with the plane trip.

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