june non-challenge: names

Day 21. What child(ren)’s names do you like that your partner hates and thus you could never use?

Oh, this is a fun one!


  • Clara: I love this name! So cute and classic. DW does not like. Boo!
  • Tegan: In fairness, we both love this name but we know every lesbian we meet would be like, “How lame. They named their kid after Tegan from Tegan & Sara.” That is where I first heard the name, but I wouldn’t be naming my kid after her. Doesn’t really matter anyway as this name is on the rise in popularity.
  • Hero: This one was a favorite of DW. I was like nuh and uh. I don’t care if it’s from Shakespeare, this kid would be teased mercilessly.



  • Clark: Swoon. I love it. DW does not.

I wish I could remember more. I’ll have to ask DW because I know there were many that we did not agree on. We have names picked out right now for a second (a boy’s name and a girl’s name). Now to see if there’ll be a second baby to name…


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8 responses to “june non-challenge: names

  1. The never ending second baby question… Ah!
    I love Clara but it’s too like Claire for us to use it!
    Do you say it like Claire with an a at the end or like rhyming with star – clar -a?
    I guess I should just go write my own post about this!

  2. ohhh..now im curious about the names you’ve picked for #2!

  3. Hero is Leander’s love (in the Greek myth)! You have to name your daughter Hero! 😉

    • OMG now we must use Hero! I actually do think it’s a cool name (hell, I love the name Dare for a girl, too) but I think the child might feel differently about it…

  4. Jen

    Okay, I think I am a bad lesbian. Who the hell is Tegan and Sara? Do you tend to associate names with people/kids you know in real life? There is a devil child at chunk’s daycare named Tegan! Too funny. I *heart* the name Clare. Good and ole’ fashion.

    • glamcookie

      Tegan and Sara are identical twins who play music and both happen to be lesbian. Therefore, they have a pretty huge lesbian following. We love them! Yes, I do associate names with people. Like I used to like the name Tristan a lot, but I now have a co-worker named Tristan who has totally tainted the name. I wouldn’t use it in a million trillion years now.

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