june non-challenge: jobs

Day 13 – Tell us about the best job you ever had, and the worst

The job I enjoyed the most was working as a textbook editor for a major educational publisher. I worked on art and health texts for middle school and high school. It was so much fun! I got to do a little bit of everything, from editing and writing to selecting art/photographs to page layout and design. Loved it! So why did I leave? Low pay and no long-term career advancement opportunities (glass ceiling for women there, for sure).

And the worst job? When I was in college, I worked nights running reports for a telemarketing company (groan). I showed up when they finished their last shift (around 10PM) and was there alone in the building running reports until around 1AM. A couple of times, the printer/software/etc. wasn’t working so I had to call a troubleshooting hotline and stay even later. Once I managed to lock myself out of our offices without my key to the building – meaning I was stuck in the hallway! These were the days before cell phones. I freaked out! Lucky for me a couple of guys I worked with had gone out for drinks after work and left one of their cars in the lot. I got their attention and had them call my house so my roommate could bring my spare keys. I could easily have been stuck there overnight. Did I mention this was a crappy job? Ugh.


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2 responses to “june non-challenge: jobs

  1. Next in line

    Oh those terrible jobs. Aren’t you so happy to be in a better one?

  2. claire

    Yuk! That last one sounded awful! And it’s a shame that we can’t make big bucks in something that we really love, isn’t it? I would say that would be the bane of most peoples lives!

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